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MECHANICS has answered the question with the most proactive answer: which car is the least likely to make it to 100,000 miles?

A group of mechanics have differing opinions on the least reliable car.

One mechanic thought deeply before answering that any high-end luxury car would be least likely to make it to 100,000 milesCredit: TikTok/accurateautoinc
“Any Jeep” was one technician’s answer that sparked a debate in the comments sectionCredit: TikTok/accurateautoinc

Accurate Automotive, an independently owned auto repair shop in Northglenn, Colorado, has accumulated almost 265,000 followers on TikTok (@accurateautoinc) by asking their technicians their opinions on hot topics of the automotive industry.

In a recent video that has almost 13 million views, the technicians answered a loaded question: Which car is least likely to make it to 100,000 miles?

After being asked the question, the first technician showed little hesitation when he answered, “Mercedes.”

His answer stirred up quite a commotion in the comments section.

The second technician to answer wasted no time in confidently answering, “Any Jeep,” followed by a laugh.

Devin was stopped in the middle of a job to answer the question, and he thought deeply before answering that any high-end luxury car wouldn’t make it to that milestone.

Alex was the fourth technician to be asked to answer, and he answered confidently that Audi would be the least likely to make it across that finish line.

Another technician was in the driver’s seat of a large, Chevrolet pickup truck when he was asked the same question, and he irritably pointed to the truck and said, “This one.”

Of all the 25,500 comments on the video, there was one comment that amassed a stunning 72,000 likes.

“Toyota be like, ‘100,000 miles is just a warm-up,'” their comment read.

‘It’s a ticking time bomb’ – mechanic warns of ‘insanely high’ cost to fix issue that can affect almost any modern car

The comment with the second-most praise discussed a pleasant experience with another Japanese automaker.

“My first car was a Honda Civic,” they wrote, earning 22,000 likes.

“She got up to 475,000 miles before I started having major issues.”

Another viewer wrote that at their dealership, they celebrated a Jeep that made it past 100,000 miles.

“We had a Jeep come in with 190,000 miles and there’s a framed picture of it in our service department,” they wrote.

Answering the first technician who named Mercedes as the least reliable car, a defensive owner challenged his statement.

“Mercedes? Every Mercedes I’ve had has gone over 100,000 miles,” their comment read.

Toyota, though, was mentioned numerous times to be the most reliable car according to viewersCredit: Getty

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