RUF Automobile Finally Lands in North America With New Headquarters

RUF Automobile has finally made its way to North America. After years of anticipation, the legendary German car manufacturer has announced the opening of its new headquarters in Miami, Florida. A significant milestone for the brand, car enthusiasts and collectors have long admired its unique designs and engineering. RUF will bring its signature blend of luxury and performance to a new audience. The new venture will certainly impact the automotive landscape in the coming years.

RUF CTR3 Green
RUF CTR3 | Jorge Guasso – RUF

As RUF Automobile makes its entry into the North American market, many enthusiasts wonder whether RUF cars are legal in the US. The answer is yes, with some important caveats. First, RUF vehicles sold in the US fully comply with federal safety and emissions regulations. Complying with regulations means they can be registered and driven legally.

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