10 Gadgets & Tools To Make Gardening Easy In 2023

With springtime looming, it’s time for home gardeners and DYI farmers to begin planning their 2023 plots, beds, and compost piles. Thankfully, home electronics and smart technology have made gardening much easier, more convenient, and time-consuming for newbies and green thumbs alike.

Whether looking to previsualize a garden bed, use robotics to assist in watering or lawn mowing, or try out hydroponic systems to grow fruits and vegetables indoors during the winter, great advancements have been made in the home gardening tech sector to make everyone’s growing space accessible and affordable in 2023.


Garden Plan Pro


Before investing in various tech gadgets to make gardening easier, those struggling to envision the layout of their land should consider Garden Plan Pro, an iOS app that will help visualize their plot of land and arrange their garden accordingly. Using the digital tool will save immense time, energy, and money.

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Garden Plan Pro provides digital drawing tools for the user to arrange their garden before digging into the ground. Once planting begins, the app will automatically space the plants based on their type to ensure maximum growth. The app also uses smart technology to give users specific advice about each type of plant, including when to rotate crops, which weather patterns are looming, how healthy the soil is, how much sunlight is present, etc.

Rachio 3 8-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller

A Rachio 3 sprinkler controller is displayed

Depending on a gardener’s busy schedule and how big their gardening is, watering crops can simply be untenable. Thankfully, a wide array of smart sprinkler controllers are available, with the Rachio 3 8-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller besting the bunch.

The Rachio 3 gadget automatically creates a sprinkler schedule that is tailored to a user’s garden in the most efficient ways possible. In addition to reducing the water bill by giving crops the proper amount of water to ensure healthy harvests, the must-have automated smart home device can be controlled remotely, allowing users to water and monitor their gardens from afar, taking such things as plant type, soil variety, sun exposure, and impending rain into account at all times.

Worx WR155 Landroid L Robotic Lawn Mower

A Worx Landroid robot lawn mower is seen

For gardeners with massive plots of land that need clearing before planting a garden or installing raised beds, a robotic lawn mower can help out dramatically. The last thing a gardener wants to do is push a mower back and forth or ride a John Deere. Fortunately, the Worx WR155 Landroid Robotic Mower will make things much easier.

In the vein of awesome house-cleaning electronics, the robotic lawn mower can clear up to a 1/2 acre on a single battery charge. Most conveniently, the mower can be operated remotely using the Landroid app, which connects through Wi-Fo and Bluetooth and allows gardeners to clean huge plants of land without doing a shred of hard manual labor themselves.

Growerology 10″x20″ Seedling Heat Mat

A Growerology seed heat mat is seen

As many home gardeners know, germinating can be incredibly difficult in colder climates. Many crops and seeds require germination in winter months for springtime harvest, making automatic seedling heat mats a worthy investment. In terms of the tops in 2023, experts point to the Growerology 10″x20″ variety.

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Currently offering a 2-pack for $10 off, the Seedling Heat Mat uses a waterproof power cord to provide delicate warmth that promotes faster seed growth. The gadget comes with an insulation piece to be placed beneath the heat mat, which increases efficiency. Ideal for plants, starting seeds, home-brewing kombucha, etc., seedling heat mats are affordable and effective.

Greenco Compost Soil Thermometer

A Greenco soil thermometer is seen

Soil temperature is paramount to a plant’s success. Depending on the variety, certain flowers and vegetables can only germinate if they’re planted and grown in a soil temperature in which they can thrive. For gardeners growing multiple types of plants, getting the right temperature across the board is nearly impossible. Thankfully, soil thermometers have made great strides, with Greenco’s Compost Soil Thermometer leading the way in 2023.

Made from stainless steel to endure the elements, the helpful tech gadget will remain durable in the extreme summer heat and frigid winter cold, with a lifetime warranty to back it up. The thermometer has a wide 2” pie-chart dial that is very easy to read, comes with a 20” stem for deep soil reading, and gauges temperatures in a range of 40 to 180° Farenheit and 17.77 to 82.22° Celsius.

ECOWITT WH5360B Wireless Digital Rain Gauge

AN ECOWITT rain gauge collage is shown

Rainfall is the biggest factor in healthy outdoor gardening. A full day of rain will alter a gardener’s water schedule dramatically. To help gardeners determine how much rain has fallen and when and how much manual watering should be done, the ECOWITT Wireless Digital Rain Gauge is the way to go.

The Wireless Rain Gauge accurately measures rain precipitation, indoor temperature, and humidity, using 300FT/100M wireless transmission range to help home gardeners precisely monitor their crops’ health. With customizable rain alerts to warn of impending showers and smart tech that stores rainfall data for future use, every gardener in 2023 will benefit from using the gadget.

VegiBee Garden Pollinator

A VegiBee pollinator is displayed

Bees, butterflies, and insects are vital for pollinating plants of all types, making the massive decrease in the bee population even direr for gardeners. Thankfully, electronic garden pollinators have become popular and affordable alternatives for providing plants with proper amounts of pollen, with VegiBee at the forefront of the trend.

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The battery-operated plant pollinator uses toothbrush-like vibrating wands to simulate the natural activity of bees, which can be used in greenhouses or outdoor gardens to increase a person’s bounty by 30%. No longer do gardeners have to be at nature’s mercy to make their gardens more plentiful; they can easily save time with the VegiBee.

LettuceGrow Farm Stand

A LettuceGrow Farmstand is displayed indoors

For many gardeners, planting during the winter months is impossible due to their location and climate. A convenient alternative in recent years has been the emergence of indoor hydroponic gardening gadgets, with Zooey Deschanel’s exciting green technology creation, LettuceGrow Farm Stand ranking as one of the best in class.

A self-sustaining tech gadget, LettuceGrow Farm Stand uses hydroponic lights and an automatic self-watering pump to efficiently grow up to 24 plants at a time, reducing a user’s carbon footprint for a more sustainable future while enjoying fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables year-round.

Brinno GardenWatch Cam

A Brinno Garden Watch Cam is displayed

Critters, insects, and unwanted visitors threaten the health of every outdoor garden, leaving many to spray harmful herbicides, insecticides, and other toxic repellents. Unlike many overrated smart home gadgets, a much better option is to invest in a Brinno GardenWatch Cam, which not only monitors which pests are hurting the garden, but also allows users to track the progress of their garden’s growth.

The innovative 1.3-megapixel time-lapse digital camera allows users to take photos in seven different time intervals ranging from 1 minute to every 24 hours, giving gardeners micro and macro snapshots to monitor the health of their crops. The weatherproof camera can be set to monitor entire garden beds or single plants.

Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

A Parrot Flower Power sensor is seen in a flower pot

Whether growing a new plant on the window sill or on the back patio, staying in tune with a plant’s needs is paramount for healthy growth. Many digital plant sensors have come about to help in recent years, with Parrot Flower Power outdoing its rivals in 2023.

Paired with the Parrot Pot app, the helpful tech gadget employs four sensors to monitor a plant’s needs, including fertilizer levels, light, moisture, and temperature. The device utilizes an intelligent water system to automatically provide the proper amount of hydration based on the plant type (8,000 varieties). The app comes with a database full of helpful tips to turn every beginning gardener in 2023 into a proud green thumb.

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