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When it comes to cars, people understandably have different expectations and priorities or preferences depending on what they’re buying the car for. While others value reliability, some prioritize performance, efficiency, or even design. Technology can be important for technophiles who spend a lot of time in their cars.

Updated June 2023: Modern cars come equipped with impressive tech features and driver assist technologies. However, the coolest and most advanced tech features are usually reserved for high-end luxury cars. We have updated this list to include the best luxury cars equipped with the coolest cutting-edge technology.

If you give precedence to modern technology and enjoy using it in cars, you’ll be happy to know we’ve identified the 15 best luxury cars with ultra-high-tech gadgets, from the latest in infotainment to sophisticated accident-avoidance systems.

We combined information from
Kelly Blue Book (KBB)
J.D. Power
, and respective manufacturer websites to generate this list of the most tech-rich luxury cars in 2023.

15 2023 Lexus LS

Reasons To Buy: Plush, Comfortable Cabin Featuring High-End Materials

2023 Lexus LS 500 Interior

The LS is Lexus’ flagship model, and as such, it features cutting-edge technology and advanced intelligent connectivity befitting its status.

The vehicle keeps owners in sync with everyday life thanks to a standard 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, a Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation, and a 12-speaker audio system. If you’re feeling extravagant, you can opt for optional extras such as a 7-inch rear-seat center touchscreen and a 23-speaker Mark Levinson surround-sound stereo.


  1. High-quality interior
  2. Vast array of standard features
  3. Potent V6 engine


  1. Lackluster acceleration
  2. Smaller cabin space compared to its rivals
  3. Clunky hybrid system

14 2023 Audi A7

Reasons To Buy: Sporty Handling And Handsome Looks

2023 Audi A7 Infotainment Screen

Its controls may lack the intuitiveness of some models on this list, but the A7’s infotainment system allows passengers to enjoy vivid graphics and rapid response times.

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In addition to the high-end dual-screen infotainment system (consisting of a 10.1-inch upper touchscreen and an 8.6-inch lower touchscreen), the A7 offers a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster that’s hailed for its detailed depictions, wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto integration, Amazon Alexa, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a 10-speaker sound system. Wireless device charging and two Bang & Olufsen premium sound systems are optional.


  1. Incredible acceleration and agile handling
  2. High-tech features
  3. Refined interior


  1. Cramped headroom
  2. Fake exhaust tips
  3. Distracting touchscreens (too many)

13 2023 Genesis G80

Reasons To Buy: Reasonably Priced Compared To Other Luxury Sedans In Its Class

2023 Genesis G80 Dashboard

The Genesis G80 is a luxury midsize car that plays in the big leagues despite having a lower price than most vehicles on this list. To put that into perspective, its starting MSRP of $49,500 is $21,795 lower than a 2023 Audi A7 and a whopping $65,000 less than the base 2023 Mercedes-Benz S 500 sedan.

Notwithstanding the massive price difference, the G80 delivers so much value it could rival many of these cars on any list. These include a crisp, quick-responding 14.5-inch touchscreen, an 8-inch digital instrument cluster display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, Bluetooth, satellite radio, HD radio, four USB ports, and a 12-speaker premium sound system.


  1. Elegant styling
  2. High-quality interior
  3. Excellent standard safety technology


  1. Stiff suspension
  2. Limited cargo space
  3. Coarse powertrains

12 2023 BMW i4

Reasons To Buy: Reasonably Priced, Many Standard Features, And Impressive Acceleration

The interior of the 2023 BMW i4 M50

Like the Genesis G80 above, the BMW i4 is one of the most affordable cars on this list. For a starting price of $51,400, you get a luxury electric car with a 14.9-inch touchscreen, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth, navigation, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, four USB ports, HD radio, satellite radio, the “Hey BMW” virtual assistant, and a 10-speaker audio system.

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  1. Impressive performance
  2. High-quality interior
  3. Vast array of standard and additional features


  1. Cramped rear seats
  2. Unusual styling, especially the front grille
  3. No front trunk (frunk)

11 2023 Porsche Panamera

Reasons To Buy: It’s Practical And Has Impressive Performance And Handling

2023 Porsche Panamera interior

Its infotainment system isn’t the easiest to get the hang of. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t spectacular. In fact, even the most discerning technophiles will get impressed with the Panamera’s snappy and responsive 12.3-inch touchscreen, not to mention the broad array of other features such as navigation, wireless Apple CarPlay, and wired Android Auto integration, a wireless smartphone charger, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a 10-speaker audio system.

If these standard features don’t cut it for you, the options list might. It includes wireless Android Auto, a rear-seat entertainment system, two rear USB ports, a 14-speaker Bose surround-sound system, and a 21-speaker Burmester surround-sound audio system.


  1. Spacious cabin and cargo room
  2. Impressive performance
  3. Sporty handling


  1. High starting price
  2. Fussy cabin controls
  3. Poor predicted reliability

10 2023 Audi A8

Reasons To Buy: Cutting-Edge Technology And Driver Assist Features

2023 Audi A8 Dashboard

As far as sedans go, the A8 is Audi’s crown jewel. This being the case, the Ingolstadt-based marque crammed loads of sophisticated tech into this car, including 10.1-inch and 8.6-inch touchscreens, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster (also known as the Audi Virtual Cockpit), Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, a wireless smartphone charger, navigation, as well as a 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system.

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  1. Long list of high-tech features
  2. Playful handling
  3. Elegant styling


  1. Limited powertrain options
  2. Smaller trunk than its rivals
  3. Complex infotainment system

9 2023 Genesis G90

Reasons To Buy: Rich In Safety Features, Driver Aids, And Tech Features

2023 Genesis G90 Dashboard

If you want the latest and greatest safety and infotainment technologies at the least possible cost, the 2023 Genesis G90 is a great option. Having undergone a thorough redesign for the 2023 model year, this large luxury car now offers a new touchscreen that places it on the same pedestal as the most technologically advanced cars out there.

In addition to the super-crisp 12.3-inch display, expect a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, navigation, a wireless smartphone charger, a Bang & Olufsen audio system, satellite radio, HD radio, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The G90 also has advanced driver assistance systems, including front and rear parking sensors, forward collision warning, driver-attention monitoring, a surround-view parking camera system, forward and reverse automatic emergency braking, and a blind-spot camera. Others are rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, parking assist, lane-departure warning, lane-keep assist, lane-trace assist, blind-spot monitoring, and rear-seat alert.


  1. Impressive driver aids and safety features
  2. Vast array of standard features
  3. Richly finished interior


  1. Limited trunk
  2. Poor fuel economy compared to its V6 rivals
  3. No wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

8 2023 BMW 7 Series

Reasons To Buy: Impressive High-Tech Features

2023 BMW 7-Series interior showing front of cabin, driver's seat and dash

It’s hard to overlook the 2023 BMW 7 Series when it comes to high-performance goodies and ultra-high-tech gadgets. This large luxury sedan offers everything from a responsive, easy-to-use 10.2-inch touchscreen to a wireless phone charger, voice and gesture recognition, a Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a 16-speaker Harman Kardon audio system.

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The list of standard safety technologies is also lengthy. It includes a crash protection system, forward collision warning, a surround-view parking camera system, front and rear parking sensors, automatic emergency braking, driver drowsiness monitoring, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, rearview camera, as well as parallel and perpendicular park assist.


  1. Agile handling
  2. Loaded with tech features
  3. Luxurious interior


  1. High starting price
  2. Divisive design
  3. Distracting display screens (too many)

7 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan

Reasons To Buy: Luxurious Cabin, Thrilling Performance, And Excellent Driving Range

A shot of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan interior

No matter your expectations, this luxury electric car comes packed with all sorts of technology that will fulfill them. They range from a 12.8-inch touchscreen to a 12.-3-inch digital instrument cluster, voice recognition, a wireless smartphone charger, augmented reality navigation, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, six USB ports, HD radio, Bluetooth, satellite radio, and a 15-speaker Burmester surround-sound stereo.

In addition to the standard features, you can opt for optional extras such as a 17.7-inch touchscreen, a front passenger-side 12.3-inch touchscreen, infotainment gesture control, rear-seat wireless device charging, as well as a rear-seat tablet for infotainment controls.


  1. Competitive electric range
  2. Impressive tech features
  3. Comfortable, upscaled cabin


  1. High starting price
  2. No frunk
  3. Limited space in the rear seats

6 2023 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Reasons To Buy: Powerful And Efficient Engines, Spacious Interior, And Endless Tech Features

A shot of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior

The most technologically advanced luxury car out there? Hard to argue. After all, this is a car that defines modern sophistication in a manner that brings its owners dignity and respect. It offers many leading-edge features and all the bells and whistles a luxury car should have.

They consist of a standard 12.8-inch touchscreen, a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, a wireless smartphone charger, gesture and voice recognition, navigation, six USB ports, Bluetooth, HD Radio and satellite radio, a 15-speaker sound system, and numerous other technologies designed to keep families entertained and connected.


  1. Powerful engines
  2. Super-luxurious cabin
  3. Cutting-edge tech features


  1. High starting price
  2. Small trunk
  3. Too bulky

5 2023 Tesla Model 3

Reasons To Buy: Impressive Travel Range And Performance For Its Price


Tesla cars have been at the forefront of technological innovation since the Elon Musk-owned EV brand made a breakthrough in the automotive world. From its industry-leading electric range to self-driving semi-autonomous technology and the massive 15-inch infotainment screen, Tesla set the bar too high for modern EVs. The 2023 Tesla Model 3 is no different, featuring a vast array of interior tech.

Its 15-inch touchscreen controls nearly everything, including media, navigation, climate control, drive modes, and even windshield wipers. Although it lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it does have over-the-air updates, meaning Tesla can relay smartphone compatibility once it becomes available. Wireless charging and Wi-Fi hot spots are standard. You can also stream Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube on the touch screen or play video games while charging your car.


  1. Incredible performance and electric range
  2. Comfortable interior
  3. Rich infotainment system


  1. No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  2. Unimpressive build quality
  3. Too many controls on the touchscreen

4 2023 Lucid Air

Reasons To Buy: Incredible Electric Range, And Supercar Performance

Lucid Motors

Introduced by a brand-new company, the Lucid Air is among the newest entries to the EV world. The car entered the automotive market with guns blazing, ready to take on other high-tech luxury cars. The glass cockpit, a gigantic 34-inch curved display, welcomes you to the cabin of the 2023 Lucid Air. It’s divided into three sections – a digital driver display behind the steering, touch-sensitive virtual buttons on the far left, and an infotainment screen on the opposite end.

A second 12-inch touchscreen set low in the center console controls functions like seat positions, cabin temperature, and phone connectivity. The car also incorporates over-the-air updates to address updates like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other tech features include facial recognition, Lidar, and Surreal-Sound Pro.


  1. Industry-leading electric range
  2. Supercar-rivaling acceleration
  3. Spacious and comfortable cabin


  1. Glitchy in-car tech
  2. Average interior quality
  3. Road noise in the cabin

3 2023 Volvo S90

Reasons To Buy: Advanced Safety Features And A High-Quality Interior


According to Volvo, the S90 luxury sedan is the most tech-loaded car on the road today. While we can’t refute such claims, the S90 makes a convincing case for being among the most advanced cars you can buy. Its safety features alone remain unmatched, from the object detection system to the auto-braking feature.

A 9.0-inch infotainment screen and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster come as standard. The former runs on a Google-based operating system equipped with features such as Google Maps and Google Assistant voice controls. The car also features an excellent 10-speaker audio system.


  1. Upscaled interior quality
  2. Vast array of standard features
  3. Advanced driver-assist tech


  1. Limited cargo space
  2. Noisy cabin
  3. Firm ride

2 2023 BMW 5 Series

Reasons To Buy: Stands Out As A Classy Executive Sedan

BMW is another automaker at the forefront of technological innovations in its cars. Although it faces stiff competition from other luxury brands like Audi and BMW, some of its cars, like the 2023 BMW 5 Series, stand out above the rest. It comes with an impressive 3D surround view camera, limited to the top trims.

Standard is a 12.3-inch infotainment screen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, and a 12-speaker audio system or an optional 16-speaker upgrade. BMW also makes heated front and rear seats and a heads-up display (HUD) available. It also comes with hands-free Extended Traffic Jam Assist technology at speeds below 40 mph.


  1. A host of innovative tech features
  2. Large trunk
  3. Potent powertrains


  1. High starting price, especially in the top trims
  2. Lacks driver engagement
  3. Some interior materials are below standard

1 2023 Tesla Model S

Reasons To Buy: A Large Battery Pack With Impressive Travel Range And Incredible Performance


The Tesla Model S is nothing short of revolutionary when it comes to tech innovation. After all, it is arguably the car that kick-started the current trend of massive infotainment touchscreens. Although it lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, its 17.0-inch central display works so well that you’ll barely realize you lack such features.

The infotainment screen handles almost all vehicle functions, including media, climate, navigation, video games, and drive modes. In front of the driver is an all-digital gauge display and another touchscreen positioned at the back of the center console that controls rear-seat settings. A 22-inch audio system is also standard, and numerous in-built cameras for additional security. But perhaps the most impressive feature of the Model S is its Autopilot system that works exceptionally in slow traffic.


  1. Hypercar-rivaling acceleration
  2. Excellent travel range
  3. Ample cargo space


  1. No Android Auto or Apple CarPlay integration
  2. Sub-standard interior quality for its price
  3. Gimmicky yoke steering wheel

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