Binary watch features ATmega328P and Arduino

Binary watch

If you would like to build your very own binary watch you might be interested in a new project published to the Instructables website by member Taifur. The binary watch is powered by an Atmel/Microchip ATmega328P programmed using the Arduino platform. For more information on the wearable project check out the video embedded below or jump over to the official project page on the Instructables website.

“I love PCB. I love Binary. A few years ago when I was browsing the Instructables one project attracted me very much. The project was a PCB watch named The Nerd Watch. When I saw that I fall in love with the watch. I tried to make one but I didn’t have all the tools to make the watch. After that several more PCB and Binary watches were made by community members and published in Instructables. Those watches are really excellent and mind-blowing.”

Binary watch

“I focused on the aesthetic of the PCB as I am going to keep it open from any type of casing. Intentionally I kept the trace of the top PCB layer free from solder musk so that all the track can be visualized clearly. That gives a better look. For preventing the tracks from corrosion I used Gold Finish on the top surface. I also placed all resistors and capacitors on the bottom side of the PCB.”

“After finishing I was surprised by the looking of the watch. It really looks great. This can be a perfect watch for electrical and computer engineers. If you are an engineer and like binary I am pretty sure you will like it.”

Source : AB : Instructables

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