iPhone 15 Pro Struggles To Run Genshin Impact At Highest Settings, Severe Stutters Suggest Thermal Throttling From The A17 Pro

Apple’s recent keynote marketed the gaming capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the company saying that both flagships will be able to play current-generation AAA games with ray tracing enabled. There was even evidence showing how the latest models could play Resident Evil Village when connected to an external monitor, but when running Genshin Impact at the highest settings, it is an uphill task, as one video shows.

Other games tested, such as Call of Duty Mobile, perform well; Genshin Impact appears to be resource-intensive on the A17 Pro

An unboxing video of the iPhone 15 Pro in four finishes was published by the YouTube channel TheRelaxingEnd, and in the later parts of the video, the content creator also shows off the iPhone 15 Pro Max but does not test it for some reason. Regardless, when running several games, the smaller Pro model appears to be doing well in titles such as GTA: San Andreas, eFootball PES, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile, up until Genshin Impact is fired up at 12:23.

This title gives more control to users when adjusting in-game visual settings, and seeing as how the iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with the world’s first 3nm A17 Pro, the TheRelaxingEnd decided to kick things up a notch and crank all those settings to high, including setting the framerate to 60FPS. Unfortunately, this turned out to be highly taxing on the iPhone 15 Pro, as Genshin Impact’s performance tanks severely when engaged in basic combat.

There are some areas in the game where there is traversal stuttering, too, suggesting that either the A17 Pro is immediately thermal throttling, lowering performance as a result, or the game is not optimized for the latest chip. We will see if a future update for Genshin Impact improves these stutters, with the YouTuber also hinting that he might make an iPhone 15 Pro Max video to see if it fares any better when running the same game.

Unfortunately, we have reported that the iPhone 15 Pro Max also suffers from thermal throttling, with its larger size offering no cooling benefits, and an external fan is required to maintain performance, so making a video might be fruitless. If you wish to continue playing games on the iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max without running into stutters like the one you saw right now, we recommend investing in some external coolers. Lucky for you, we have made a list just for that purpose, and you can check that out while also watching the video above and letting us know what you believe is causing these stutters.

News Source: TheRelaxingEnd

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