Louder Than Life is too loud. Face stage at Louisville airport instead

I live just 1.5 miles from the Highlands Festival Grounds where Bourbon and Beyond took place over the weekend and Louder Than Life returns on Thursday. I can hear the music from my house. Sometimes I can pick out what song is being played but most of the time it’s just a low hum and the thump of a heavy bassline. 

But what about everyone else in the area?

Last year, The Courier Journal published a letter to the editor by Joseph Stoltz about what the noise was like for him, living right next to the festival venue. That’s when I learned the stage set-up pointed speakers toward the neighborhoods. My mind was blown. Why set up stages to be a further nuisance to the neighborhoods when Danny Wimmer Presents, the production and promotion company that brings both festivals to town each year, could set up the stages to project the sound toward the airport and bother no one? I decided to check in on Stoltz last week as well as talk to other neighbors who live closer to the festival grounds to see how they were anticipating the festivals this year.

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