Philips unveils Fidelio L4 and Fidelio T2 with Bluetooth LC3, LE Audio and Sony LDAC support

Philips has presented successors to the Fidelio L3 and Fidelio T1. The pair retain the form factors of their predecessors, with the Fidelio L4 serving as the company’s high-end wireless headphones offering and the Fidelio T2 billed as putting ‘the premium into TWS ANC earbuds’. Pricing and availability are unknown for both devices at this stage, beyond a vague commitment to Q3 2023 launches.

According to Philips, the Fidelio L4 contains 40 mm drivers aided by new graphene coatings to improve midrange and high-frequency audio reproduction. Additionally, the company claims that the headphones offer up to 40 hours of battery life even with ANC activated. Moreover, the Fidelio L4 supports Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, as well as Bluetooth LE Audio, Auracast and the LC3 codec. Better still, Philips has integrated Sony LDAC; the headphones support audio-out via AUX and USB Type-C too.

Separately, Philips asserts that the Fidelio T2 is 20% more compact than its predecessors while delivering superior audio quality via its 9.2 mm dynamic drivers. For reference, the Fidelio T2 matches the larger Fidelio L4 with Bluetooth 5.3, Bluetooth LC3 and Sony LDAC connectivity. Philips adds that the Fidelio T2 should last up to 9 hours on a single charge and 27 hours before its charging case needs topping up. The Fidelio T2 is IPX4 certified too, and offers three microphones per earbud. Presumably, Philips will provide more information about both devices as they are closer to release.

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