This sub-$120 iPhone is a fake, please don’t buy it on Black Friday

Oh my gosh! I found an iPhone 14 Pro for $119 on Amazon and it’s not even officially Black Friday yet! This is amazing. What a deal. What a…hey, wait a minute. Why does it look like that? Who is “Xixaomiro? This is not an iPhone and I’m here to warn you of it and the myriad other super-cheap iPhone knockoffs that show up when you search Amazon for iPhones but at ridiculously low prices.

A little while back I stumbled on a TikTok of a guy who insists he ordered an iPhone (he claimed from a real Apple store) but received a box full of low-grade Android disappointment. The gadget arrived in an Apple iPhone box but the handset looked off and the screen didn’t even reach the bottom edge of the device. It also wasn’t really running iOS.

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