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THIS “super fast” gadget from Argos can defog your windscreen and it keeps the ice away on a winter day.

Freezing weather is already here, and that means drivers will have to spend some time cleaning their windscreens in the morning.

Cars can mist up when the inside heat causes condensation


Cars can mist up when the inside heat causes condensationCredit: Getty
This Argos item can help you get rid of the ice


This Argos item can help you get rid of the iceCredit: Argos

Cars can mist up when the inside heat causes water vapour to increase the amount of moisture.

Once it comes in contact with the glass it can then condense and create fog inside your car and ice on the outside.

Driving a foggy and dirty vehicle can make your commutes unsafe and put you in risk of collision.

Luckily, this item can leave your vehicle water-free during winter.

Argos is selling a Streetwize 12V In-Car Auto Heater/Defroster with LED Light.

The genius gadget warms up the interior of your vehicle almost “instantly” – without having to wait the long-dreaded minutes to fully heat up.

The heater is easy to use and all you need is to plug it into your car’s power socket.

Once you turn your vehicle on, you can start using the heater inside the car.

The Streetwize can also be used to warm up windscreens and reduce condensation.

The LED lights come in handy as motorists can also use the item while at night or early in the morning.

Car owners can snap up theirs for only £24 on Argos online or in-store.

Brits were quick to heap praise on the product in the reviews, with one saying: “As described in the sales info, this is great for helping to demist/de-ice a car’s windscreen and side windows. Obviously, it hasn’t the power to heat the whole car. Recommended for the job for which it is designed.”

Another said: “Did the job and helped keep car warm.”

A third said: “I bought this last week, and it works perfectly.”

While a fourth added: “A basic heater but what do you want for the price. THIS is excellent value and keeps the ice away.”

Drivers have also discovered a cheap gadget to quickly defog windscreens and it works again and again.

The Showvigor portable car heater plugs into a cigarette lighter and blasts hot and cold air out its 12V fan.

Made of heat resistant plastic, the machine will sit on your dashboard to de-mist and de-ice your windshield from the inside.

Meanwhile, tools company Victor Tools have released their ingenious invention that stops your car from getting too fogged up throughout these winter months.

Although the product is actually called a No Fog Mitt, the company claims that they should have called it their “magic mitt”.

Meanwhile, drivers have found a new way to rid their windscreens of mist using an item worth less than 50p.

The handy hack was discovered by experts at LeaseCar and involves using a budget microfibre cloth to clean away condensation.

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