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Steve Riley-Hobbs was walking chihuahuas Kylie and Dannii down the street when they were suddenly attacked by two other dogs – and has been left with a £8,500 vet bill

CCTV shows the moment a chihuahua is attacked by another dog

A ‘devastated’ couple say they have been left with a £8,500 vet bill after their tiny chihuahua was savaged in the street by another dog.

Steve Riley-Hobbs was walking Kylie and his other pooch Dannii down the street when two greyhounds suddenly charged across the road towards him.

The horror attack that followed was captured on CCTV – with the brutal attack lasting for one minute and 33 seconds.

Steve, 55, is seen fending off the first greyhound wearing a red coat. As he holds Kylie and Dannii on the leads, he bravely manages to get his body in the way of them to block the bigger dog.

He gently kicks the greyhound away and the man with them pulls it away. But then the second one races over and starts to attack both chihuahuas.

CCTV footage shows the moment the greyhound attacked Steve Riley-Hobbs’ chihuahuas (Jam Press Vid)

White-haired Dannii manages to escape and runs away but poor Kylie, six, is horrifically mauled. Steve rushed her to the vets and was left with a £8,500 bill, but sadly she died the next day from her injuries.

Kylie had a blood transfusion after suffering crushed ribs, a punctured lung and multiple bite marks. He has reported the dog attack to police. The attack happened in Burbages Lane, Coventry on the neighbouring road to where Steve lives with husband Tony.

Steve, 55, can be seen fending off the greyhound wearing a red coat(Jam Press Vid)

Steve said: “Before I knew what was happening, one of the dogs had Kylie in its jaws and was shaking her violently like a rag doll. I grappled with it and managed to free Kylie, but I knew she was seriously injured.”

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