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Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has produced a diverse selection of aircraft over the years, including the narrowbody C-Series that later became the Airbus A220. However, its present production has a strong focus on private jets, with its Global series representing some of the fastest business aircraft out there.

The Global family of aircraft ranges from the smaller Global 5000 variants to the recently designed Global 8000 series. Let’s take a closer look at this unique family of aircraft.

Starting off small

In total, Bombardier has six main aircraft variants that bear the Global name, with these designs falling into three sets of two in terms of their size. The smallest pair comprises the 29.5-meter-long Global 5000 and 5500 variants, which are the first two models in the wider Global Express family.

These aircraft have a cabin cross-section that measures nearly eight feet wide and a cabin height of six feet and two inches. Both require a two-person crew. Despite being the same length, the 5000 and the 5500 differ in terms of passenger capacity, with the latter having space for three more lucky guests (16 vs 13).

This is one of several ways in which the 5500 is the stronger performer, as it also has a higher range (5,700 NM compared to 5,200 NM) and top speed (Mach 0.9 / 690.5 mph compared to Mach 0.89 / 682.9 mph).

Bombardier Global Private Jet In Zurich

The Global 5500 can thank its Rolls-Royce BR700-710D5-21 engines for the latter of these advantages, as they provide 15,125 force-pounds (67.3 kN) of thrust. This is slightly more than the 5000’s 14,750 lb (65.6 kN) of thrust, which is provided by its Rolls-Royce BR700-710A2-20 turbofans. Both have a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet.

Mid-size variants

Moving up in size, the Bombardier Global 6000 and 6500 variants both measure 30.3 meters in length and require a two-person crew. The former of these models has the same 13-passenger capacity as the 5000, but the 6500 exceeds that of the 5500 with its ability to carry 17 passengers. The 6000 and 6500 also share the same cabin section as the previously mentioned variants.

Bombardier Global 6500

These aircraft have the same engines and top speed as the smaller variants, with the 6500 correspondingly edging out the 6000 when it comes to this aspect of its performance. However, they are set apart from the short-fuselage versions when it comes to range. Indeed, the 6000 can fly for up to 6,000 NM (6,905 miles), and the 6500 can go even further, with its range reaching 6,600 NM (7,595 miles).

This is due to the increased fuel load, as both the 6000 and 6500 can hold over 45,000 pounds of fuel. These are two of the longest ranges for jets in this category, beating out similar-sized jets like the Gulfstream G600.

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Going large

Recent developments to the program have seen Bombardier launch two stretched-fuselage Global variants, namely the 7500 and the 8000. These ultra-long-range jets require a crew of four and have a maximum capacity of up to 19 passengers. The cabin section is larger than other Globals, with a cabin width of eight feet and a height of six feet two inches.

A Bombardier BD-700-2A12 Global 7500 Flying in the sky.

Photo: Vytautas Kielaitis | Shutterstock

Powered by General Electric Passport turbofans, the 7500 and 8000, have impressive long-range and high-speed abilities. The former, which first flew in 2016 and entered service two years later, can fly for up to 7,700 NM (8,861 miles) and has a top speed of Mach 0.925 (709.7 mph). Meanwhile, the Global 8000, which has a projected range of 8,000 NM (9,206 miles) is yet to be commercially introduced.

The aircraft flew for the first time in May 2023 and looks to enter service in 2025, and SAF-powered tests saw the aircraft go supersonic on one of its maiden flights. The Global 7500 can also be converted to the future Global 8000 through a service bulletin. This variant of Bombardier’s popular Global series has a listed top speed of Mach 0.94 (721.2 mph).

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