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Hot Girls Drive Cigarette Cars, But What The Hell Does That Mean?

Can’t you just smell the Virginia Slims from here?Image: Chevrolet Radwood helped make the otherwise-forgotten cars of the ‘80s and ‘90s cool, and brought a wider appreciation for the unloved machines that ferried our grandparents through the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations. Quirky cars like classic Volvos and diesel Mercedes’ have always been popular with some enthusiasts, but the current …

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Tesla Cybertruck Already Has A Ton Of Accessories To Choose From

Tesla finally revealed the production version of the Cybertruck Thursday. The specs don’t match what was promised when the concept was revealed, but for $60,990, you can get a base-model, rear-wheel-drive truck that can hit 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and 250 miles of range, while the $99,990 top trim will do 60 in 2.6 seconds and has 320 miles …

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This Weird Boat Lets You Walk Underwater Without Getting Wet

Image: Damen Shipyards Every once in a while a weird little ship will catch my eye, and I have to tell you good people about it. A couple of years ago it was the RP FLIP, and today it’s the Diving Bell Ship Carl Straat and the newer Archimedes. There is a giant boom off the back of these ships …

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Kia Owner Abandons Car At Dealership After Repeated Theft Attempts

Photo: Chris Harris/UCG/Universal Images Group (Getty Images) Kia and Hyundai cars have been the target of hot new theft trends for years, since bored teens discovered the cars lacked immobilizers and could be started with a USB jammed into the ignition. After a series of unsuccessful fixes, it seems at least one owner is turning to a more extreme measure: Throwing …

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These Are The Cars That Have Depreciated The Least Over Five Years

Photo: Porsche Depreciation is a fact of life when it comes to buying a new car, but it definitely hits some vehicles way harder than others. A few weeks ago, we took a look at cars hit hardest by deprecation over the past five years. Now, we’re looking at the flip side of the coin. The nice people over at …

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Slot Mods Raceways Recreates Famous Race Tracks In Iconic Cars

We’ve all raced a slot car, right? You pick out your car and carefully line it up with a thin groove running along the center of a track. With the remote in hand, you watch it zip around and around along a circuit you spent hours dreaming up and building. It’s a fun activity for Christmas morning or a rainy …

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2024 BMW 530i xDrive Is A Perfect Example Of Why Electric Cars Are Great

Having entered its eighth generation, the BMW 5 Series is all new for 2024, and for the first time, there are fully electric variants of the iconic sports sedan. While those electric i5 models are moving the 5 Series lineup into the future, the gas-powered 530i is quietly the most important model. After all, it’s the cheapest 5 Series you …

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Acura’s $125,000 360-HP Integra Type S Touring Car Is Sold Out

Image: Honda Acura has quietly continued Honda’s tradition of offering factory-built touring cars. The luxury brand introduced a factory Integra Type S touring car called the Integra Type S DE5 for teams planning to run it in the TCX class of the SRO TC America Championship, and likely the Sports Car Championship Canada, pending approval. Sadly, it is sold out. …

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Cars Found For Sale Online: Adorable Fulda Microcar

Image: ebay The holidays are a time for the best of humanity to show itself, to rise to the surface and do good unto others. This little blue German microcar is in desperate need of someone to show it some compassion. This little old friend-shaped car needs a warm garage for the new year, and you’re just the person to …

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