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How to Add Widgets to Stacks on iPhone & iPad Home Screen

If you have an iPhone or iPad you may already be familiar with adding widgets to the Home Screen of iOS and iPadOS, but a lesser known trick is that you can create a stack of widgets that you can flip through to see different widgets and data. How to Add Widgets to Stacks on iPhone & iPad Widget stacks …

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These developers are doing something amazing with iPhone apps

Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends Every year, Apple announces the winners of its App Store Awards. In 2023, it recognized 14 titles across five platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. These titles are not only considered the “best” from a design standpoint, but they have also positively contributed to the world in some way. Recently, I had …

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Messages on iPhone Will Prompt You To Send Pics if Someone Asks for Them

This is a cool little convenience feature that is not widely known; the Messages app on iPhone and iPad will prompt you to send photos if someone asks for them. The Messages app has become significantly more intelligent in the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS for iPhone and iPad, and now, alongside the usual QuickType text suggestions, emoji suggestions, …

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There’s only one reason I’m still using an iPhone in 2023

Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends It’s not an understatement to say I am an Android smartphone fan, as an Android phone has been my faithful companion ever since I started using the HTC Desire in 2010. I’ve bounced from phone to phone in the 13 years since, and I’ve experienced good and bad phones alike. But in all that time, …

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How to Turn Off SharePlay on iPhone

The latest versions of iOS for iPhone default to enabling a feature called SharePlay, which allows you to easily share Spotify, Apple Music, Podcasts, and many other media experiences, easily with whoever you’re having a FaceTime audio or FaceTime video call with. While this feature can be convenient for the intended purposes, it can also be annoying and frustrating, as …

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This is what an iPhone looks like after a year with no screen protector

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends Apple says its Ceramic Shield glass over the iPhone’s screen is “tougher than any smartphone glass,” but how accurate is this statement? The Digital Trends Mobile team has each been using one of the iPhone 14 series models for the last year and two of us haven’t put a separate screen protector on, while the …

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I tried the iPhone’s new Journal app. Here’s what’s good (and bad)

Prakhar Khanna / Digital Trends Apple’s Journal app in iOS 17 is like a basic notetaking app supercharged with AI. It offers prompts and suggestions based on what you do throughout the day to help you journal your daily entries. While the app is a basic white screen with a “+” icon, it’s what happens after you tap on that …

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How to Stop Instacart Ads Promo Notifications on iPhone

The Instacart app for iPhone is convenient in that it allows you to shop for groceries and other items and have them delivered (if you live in a major city anyway), but like an ever-growing number of iPhone apps, it defaults to pelting you with annoying sales, promotional, and marketing notifications that are completely unrelated to your delivery or order …

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Your iPhone Will Notify You When Wi-Fi is Available Nearby to Join

Did you know your iPhone will let you know if a wi-fi network is available to join nearby? This feature of iOS is relatively new, and it’s interesting in that it will specifically focus on public wi-fi networks are popular and being used by others that are nearby. This feature is pretty simple, but certainly convenient. If a popular wi-fi …

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How to Disable FaceTime Reaction Gestures on Mac, iPhone, & iPad

Don’t want to have certain gestures trigger FaceTime Reactions? Don’t want an on-screen emoji to appear when you give a thumbs up to the camera, or maybe you don’t want a peace sign made with your hands to trigger a bunch of balloons appearing on your video chat? Then you can turn the FaceTime Reactions feature off, right on your …

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