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A wedding should focus on your current relationship and not any ex

So, would you want your future partner’s ex invited to your big day?

What about if they showed up uninvited?

That’s what happened to one Reddit user and now she’s wondering if she’s handled the situation the right way.

Explaining the situation she wrote: “My husband’s ex has always been jealous of me. She says she is not but… she has done nothing except put me down and try to cause problems.

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“When we got engaged she raged at my husband and told him he was being selfish. He shouldn’t get married again until his kids are adults. They weren’t even teenagers yet.

“I had actually invited her to the wedding because I was trying to make things more civil and accepting for the kids and us. She then kept trying to cause more and more problems.”

All of this piled up and she decided to rescind the invite, but that didn’t stop her husband’s ex from rocking up and trying to stir drama.

“On our wedding day, I walked downstairs to the hotel and saw her sitting at a table with my soon-to-be in-laws. I texted my soon-to-be husband and he went and found her and told her to leave,” she continued.

“She got upset and said ‘You should have invited me! You knew I would want to see your mom and sisters! I should have been invited!’ He then again told her she had no place there and to leave.”

Well, it turns out the ex never left and rocked up the venue to “visit” everyone and went around telling the guests how “horrible” the Redditor was for not inviting her.

'Am I wrong for standing up to my sister-in-law at my wedding?'
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Now the mystery woman is wondering if she was in the wrong for her actions and thankfully Redditors were quick to reassure her she did nothing wrong.

“This woman isn’t jealous, she’s straight up unhinged,” penned one person while another agreed adding, “That’s a catalogue of trouble-making mean-spiritedness.”

A third chimed in writing: “Your wedding day is supposed to be about celebrating your love, not dealing with drama and manipulation from your husband’s ex.

“You gave her a chance by inviting her in the first place but she continues to disrespect you and cause problems for your relationship – kudos to you for making the right decision for yourself.”


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