The Best Friends Funko Pop! In 2023

Check out the new Funko Pop! from the iconic sitcom, Friends & relive some of its best moments – like Ross’s leather pants or Rachel’s wedding dress.

Friends is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, which naturally means that it has a huge fan base. It’s also one of those shows that has so many of its memorable moments captured through collectibles, which has led to collectors and casual fans alike wanting to own these pieces of pop culture that memorialize the best scenes from their favorite show.

Friends Funko Pop! figures are especially popular, with their simple and cute designs growing more and more popular over the years. There are already so many Friends Funko Pop! figures out there, but these are some of the best you can currently get, some of which haven’t even been released yet!

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  • ross leather pants funko pop

    Friends Ross Gellar With Leather Pants Funko Pop!

    Relive one of the most iconic moments from Friends with this Ross Funko Pop! that has gotten himself into a bit of a sticky situation. This figure memorializes the scene where Ross gets stuck in his leather pants and tries everything – including powder and lotion – to get them back on.

  • monica waitress funko pop

    Friends Monica Waitress Funk Pop!

    This Funko Pop! is modeled after Monica’s uniform from her job at the Moondance Diner. The figure also has a chase variant, which means that if you order it, there’s a chance you could receive a slightly different and exclusive variant of the Pop!. The chase variant is pictured in the smaller square.

  • Friends Phoebe With Chicken Pox Funko Pop!

    Friends Phoebe With Chicken Pox Funko Pop!

    This adorable Phoebe figure got chicken pox right before her big date! The details of this Funko Pop! include chicken pox spots and the oven mitts Phoebe wears to try and keep herself from scratching.

  • Friends Chandler New York Funko Pop!

    Friends Chandler New York Funko Pop!

    Perfect for any Friends fan that loves NYC, this Chandler figure is showing off his most tourist-y love for the city. This Funko Pop! includes all sorts of New York memorabilia on the character, including a Statue of Liberty hat!

  • friends rachel wedding dress funko pop

    Friends Rachel Wedding Dress Funko Pop!

    This Funko Pop! is super special, as it’s modeled after Rachel’s look in her first appearance on the show. Relive the moment she enters Central Perk in her wedding dress as a runaway bride and starts a new chapter with the rest of the Friends crew!

  • joey clothes funko pop

    Friends Joey Wearing Chandler’s Clothes Funko Pop!

    Could this Funko Pop! figure be wearing any more clothes? This collectible from one of the most iconic moments on the show is super detailed with all of Joey’s clothing layers, making it the perfect piece to add to your collection!

  • phoebe music video funko pop

    Friends Phoebe Music Video Funko Pop!

    There’s no more iconic Phoebe Funko Pop! to have than this one modeled after her look from the “Smelly Cat” music video. You’ll hear the infamous song in your head every time you see this figure of Phoebe in a gorgeous pink dress, complete with the titular Smelly Cat itself!

  • monica hair funko pop

    Friends Monica Hair Funko Pop!

    This Pop! figure is styled after some of Monica’s more…memorable hairstyles from vacation. This is another figure that has a chase variant, meaning you might receive the special edition frizzy-haired Monica instead of the standard braids Monica when you order it!

  • monica catwoman funko pop

    Friends Monica Catwoman Funko Pop!

    Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a collectible figure of Monica’s kitty-cat Halloween costume? The details on this one are great, from her cat hear headband to her tail!

  • phoebe supergirl funko pop

    Friends Phoebe Supergirl Funko Pop!

    Phoebe to the rescue! This super cute Funko Pop! is designed to look like Phoebe’s famous Halloween costume where she dressed up as Supergirl, complete with pigtails, ribbon, cape, and all!

  • ross spudnik funko pop

    Friends Ross Sputnik Funko Pop!

    Ross’s space-inspired Halloween costume may not have been a hit with his friends, but it’s the perfect collectible item for any Friends fan. The figure perfectly recreates his “Spud”nik costume, complete with the potato outfit and colander antennae.

  • chandler bunny funko pop

    Friends Chandler Bunny Funko Pop!

    Live out Chandler’s Velveteen Rabbit dreams (well, sort of) with this recreation of the Halloween costume that Monica got for him. This figure even includes the detail of the fake bunny nose he wears to complete the look.

  • 80s rachel funko pop

    Friends ’80s Rachel Funko Pop!

    Throwback to the ’80s with this line of Funko Pop! figures that celebrate the gnarly looks from the flashbacks to the Friends characters’ high school and college years. This Rachel figure features her epic hair and outfit, along with a big hoop earring and a Solo cup prop.

  • 80s ross funko pop

    Friends ’80s Ross Funko Pop!

    Throwback to the ’80s with this line of Funko Pop! figures that celebrate the gnarly looks from the flashbacks to the Friends characters’ high school and college years. This Ross figure includes his signature ’80s curly hair and mustache.

  • chandler 80s funko pop

    Friends 80s Chandler Funko Pop!

    Throwback to the ’80s with this line of Funko Pop! figures that celebrate the gnarly looks from the flashbacks to the Friends characters’ high school and college years. This Chandler figure includes his super iconic hairstyle and an ’80s outfit to die for.

  • joey cowboy funko pop

    Friends Cowboy Joey Funko Pop!

    $10 $13 Save $3

    Howdy, partner! Add this charming Funko Pop! to your collection to relive the episode where Joey dresses up in a snazzy cowboy costume to compete with a rival perfume salesman at his retail store job. This figure is super detailed, including its cowboy-worthy stance.

  • gunther funko pop

    Friends Gunther Funko Pop!

    Celebrate everyone’s favorite Central Perk barista with this Gunther Funko Pop! figure. This figure comes with a chase variant, meaning there’s a chance that you’ll receive the variant Gunther design (with the character in a pink shirt holding a sign) rather than the regular design of Gunther in an orange shirt cleaning a mug.


Will My Funko Pop! Lose Value If Opened?

Pop! figures don’t lose value if they are opened and taken out of the box, but the packaging should be kept in pristine condition if you’re looking to keep their value. Since the boxes aren’t sealed, it’s possible to open them and display the figures outside of the box without altering or ruining the packaging.

How Can You Tell If A Funko Pop! Is Rare?

The main way to tell if a Funko Pop! is one of the more rare ones is to see if the Pop! figure has a “Limited Edition Chase” sticker in the bottom right corner of the box, as that’s an indication that the Pop! is much rarer than a normal one.

What Funko Pop Is The Rarest?

One of the rarest Funko Pop! figures is the 2016 Golden Ticket 2-Pack Golden Version of Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. In addition to receiving the Pop! figures, the four winners who got these collectibles were also treated to a tour of the Funko factory. The two-pack has an estimated value of over $71,000, with one even selling for $100,000.

The Bottom Line

With all of these designs to choose from, there’s bound to be something in this collection that every Friends fan and collector will love. You can collect your favorite character, multiple Pop! figures in a series (such as all of the ’80s designs or all of the Halloween outfits), or simply whichever ones catch your eye!

These are all available for pre-order right now, so grab one for yourself before they’re released to the public! GameRant readers will get free domestic shipping and 10% off in-stock merchandise from Entertainment Earth, so get yours while you can! If you’re buying from Amazon, be sure to use their 30-day trial for fast and free shipping.

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