Fangirlish 2022 End of Year Lists: Our Favorite Ship Moments of 2022

New day, new End of the Year List! Today we are going to talk about our favorite ship moments of 2022, and spoiler alert: we fell in love with these ships all over again after remembering their best moments! Will you join us?

Here we go!

1. Chenford Asks for a Date on The Rookie

Chenford 4x12
Credit: ABC

Chenford definitely had to be on this list. After 5 years of a slow burn, The Rookie winter finale gave us what we’ve all been waiting for: Chenford’s first big approach. It was a sweet, cute, and perfect scene.

Just the way the light in the scene changes from the darkness of initial doubts, from the fear of starting something that both of them know there will be no turning back, until the brightness when they are both in the same place for the first time.

The scene is natural and that is what makes it so special. It’s just them. As it always should be. As always will be.

2. Stellaride Wedding on Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire 10x22 Stellaride wedding
Credit: NBC

Despite all the – justified – problems we currently have with One Chicago shows, Chicago Fire gave us one of the moments of the year when Stella and Severide got married in the middle of the flames, literally and figuratively. The relationship between the two was not easy and they had to overcome many obstacles to be together, including some last-minute doubts, but they survived it.

Stellaride is the mirror where all ships should look because they knew how to create a true story, which would move the audience while showing how Stella and Severide grew together and supported each other at every step. We could highlight many of their moments, but perhaps the best are those bad moments in which, despite everything, they blindly trusted and chose each other.

Love is not rosy and the question is to always be there, especially in the worst moments because those are the ones that forge a really strong couple. And all those moments led up to Stellaride wedding.

3. Drunken Love Confessions From Clueless Cops, EO, Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime

ship moments end of the year list benson and stabler

As my friend Shana pointed out:

“When your ship fails to have the important conversations with each other, they can still make their own weird sort of progress. 2022 hasn’t seen much of Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler together, but even when they’re apart, they still manage to stay in sync. Putting the E in EO, we found out El told his former partner there was another woman he was in love with — complete with his idiotic, “omg. Someone caught me being in love with Liv again” look — via commentary the morning after he turned Bargain Barn Olivia down. And for Olivia…it was that absolutely heartbreaking admission to her soon-to-be former Detective that she used to see Elliot as her home and still hasn’t getting over him leaving her. Oh, and she’s paralyzed by the possibilities now that their Kathy excuse is out of the way. (Still screaming over that whole conversation? Yes. Forever.)

Now, all Bensler needs to do is actually tell each other these things — preferably while sober — and we might get some actual movement somewhere in the next 25 years. They’re sick, we’re sick for them, and it’s time for a loving cure.”

4. Kanthony Ending on Bridgerton

Bridgerton 2x08
Bridgerton. (L to R) Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton, Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma in episode 208 of Bridgerton. Cr. Colin Hutton/Netflix © 2022

Bridgerton season 2 has some weak points, we are all aware of that, but if there is a strong point it is Kanthony. Their chemistry is explosive and, although we have problems with how their story was told and we knew little about it, the moment in which they both declared their love and decided to continue challenging each other until eternity was burned into our retinas.

Actually, many moments stuck with us – yes, we’re still thinking about “you are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires” – but we chose this one for our End of the Year List because it was the moment that both chose each other, without any doubt, fear, or guilt that could tarnish the great love they feel. We can’t wait for Kanthony to continue to make us fall in love in Bridgerton season 3 on Netflix!

5. Halloween in Lexi and Fez Mode on Euphoria

Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO

In the words of my partner Liv Facey:

Euphoria season two was wild, to say the least. But then again it is Euphoria so wild as to be expected. There were so many incredible moments from Fezco issuing a beating to Nate, Cassie throwing up in the hot tub, Rue revealing Cassie had been sleeping with Nate, and ultimately the best moment – Fez asking Lexi for her number on the couch.

Lexi and Fez are both pretty much outsiders in the show, so while none of us saw the couple ship coming for these two it was very much appreciated. Fez is one of the show’s best characters, his protective nature towards his “little sister” Rue in the first season while being a professional drug dealer had us all hooked on him as a character but the way he was issuing compliments to Lexi was super sweet to the point we could have had a sugar rush. 

But the moment we knew this couple would be our saving grace amid the crazy of Euphoria, had to be when Fez was the only person who know that Lexi was dressed up as Bob Ross for Halloween.

The couples’ shy and awkward little flirting in the convenience store and their long phone calls where they got to know each other better as well as a ‘Stand by Me’ sing-a-long where they held hands for the first time was exactly how like a budding romance to be portrayed. 

The teenage innocence embedded in their relationship alongside the fact their relationship was a comfort for both of them to the point it helped Lexi come out of her shell, was such an unexpected reprieve from the darkness of the show. Now if Sam Levinson could not send Fez to prison and maybe not make his brother die so we don’t have to witness Fez go through grief, maybe just maybe we may get more of our favorite couple in season three.”

6. That Avatrice Kiss on Warrior Nun

Ava and Beatrice in Warrior Nun 2x08

As my friend Lyra says:

Ava and Beatrice from Warrior Nun are a story for the ages and the kiss is a declaration of the love, trust, and bond that they have forged. And it hasn’t been easy. They have had to run, hide, and train together. And even when they hit some personal and emotional bumps in the road, they listened to each other and came out better for it. The moment they kissed…it felt like a dance and something wholly inevitable. Not to mention how tender it was and how the love shone through both of their eyes.

7. Rhaenyra and Daemon Beach Scene on House of the Dragon

House of the dragon
Emma D’Arcy as “Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen” and Matt Smith as “Prince Daemon Targaryen”
Photograph by Ollie Upton/HBO

Daemyra was one of the best surprises that House of the Dragon gave us. I have to admit that, at first, I resisted liking them because of the incest thing and stuff, but in the end, they won me over.

For the purposes of this End of the Year List, we’re going to skip that infamous scene because that wasn’t Daemon and they weren’t Daemyra. That scene contradicted everything we’d seen up to that point of them and made no sense. So for us, it doesn’t exist.

Daemon is a violent and troubled man. But he fell in love with Rhaenyra in a way that even he didn’t understand at first. In fact, he tried to resist because she was his niece and the age difference was…awkward. Daemon is not one to let anyone choose and he left Rhaenyra to choose at all times.

Even when she made a clear choice, Daemon still resisted. He even proposed to Viserys for her hand. Viserys thought he did it for the crown but he never went for the crown. It was Rhaenyra the whole time. It wasn’t until Rhaenyra was older that he let himself be carried away by what they both felt, showing not only respect to Rhaenyra but also the love he had always felt for her.

That scene, although too dark, is beautiful. It is a long-hidden love that is finally free to fly. It is undeniable that Daemon coveted the crown, but Rhaenyra was always the most important to him, and between her and the crown… Daemon doesn’t have to think about his choice. He will always choose Rhaenyra, no matter what. And that, in the world of Game of Thrones speaks for itself.

8. Honestly, Everytime Arondir & Bronwyn Get All Intense on The Rings of Power

The Rings of Power
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video Copyright: Amazon Studios Description: Nazanin Boniadi (Bronwyn), Ismael Cruz Córdova (Arondir)

Like my friend Lyra shares:

It’s about the subtle moments between Arondir and Bronwyn in The Rings of Power that have us blushing and feeling like we’re intruding on a private moment. Arondir isn’t someone for big and sweeping declarations. If anything, it’s all in the gestures and the soft glances. He’s an action elf and he will follow her lead and support her in absolutely everything. In turn, Bronwyn meets him halfway, acting like a team, and using her actions to show how much she cares while making sure that he knows that her son is her first priority. And this picture…it was the most intent moment of all.

9. Chris and Street are a Couple on SWAT

Credit: CBS

Like my partner, Jessica says, “Chris and Street from SWAT finally had the moment we’d been waiting for five years: they became a couple! We knew all along that they loved each other, but obstacles kept getting in their way. And of course, they couldn’t be together when they were on the same SWAT team. When Chris decided to leave the team to pursue another career, Street didn’t waste a moment in wanting to be with her. Chris was a little hesitant, but it was because she was scared. 

After a talk with Luca (Chris and Street’s #1 fan), she realized her feelings and raced over to his apartment. She was finally vulnerable and told him she loved him and wanted to be with him. The way that Street reacted by telling her he loved her, too, lead to them spending the night together for the first time.

Even though we miss Chris on the show, we appreciate the SWAT writers for giving us what we wanted. The two episodes of them together were amazing and worth the wait. And the characters keep mentioning Chris and just recently Tan said that Chris and Street are still in the “honeymoon stage”. 

So at least they’re together albeit off-screen. We still have hope she’ll make another appearance, but even if she doesn’t, this was everything we had been waiting for. That’s why it’s one of our top ship moments of 2022.”

10. Sprina Friendship in General Hospital

Screenshot. Credit: ABC

As my partner Jasmine comments:

“Spencer and Trina known by the ship name Sprina have been through a lot in 2022. With Trina being framed by Spencer’s ex-girlfriend, their relationship hit a lot of speed bumps. In the months leading up to Trina’s trial and even after she was exonerated, their relationship was never the same.

They always had a good friendship and could confide in one another. They lost those moments so it felt so good to see the two of them reunite at General Hospital. We get that it happened after Trina’s mentor was almost killed but, prior to this, Sprina hadn’t even hugged or held each other’s hands. That’s why we were completely shocked and caught off guard when Spencer showed up to support Trina at the hospital.

We got a simple shoulder touch from Spencer that absolutely melted the hearts of the Sprina fans. It was a very Bridgerton-like moment with how intimate that one moment was. And that’s why it makes our list of favorite ship moments.”

11. The Angst for Evil‘s Kristen & David

Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard in Evil episode 2, Season 3 streaming on Paramount +, 2022. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+

Because Shana loves to suffer, she also submitted this one…

“The Evil season 3 premiere had one of those ‘omg, finally!’ sorts of moments for Kristen and David, but then reality started to set in. And it actually wound up being the angsty ‘I miss us’ scene in 3×02 that would make our list of ship moments for this year. When you have talents like Mike Colter and Katja Herbers delivering it, and it makes sense for the characters, angst is good, actually! You’ve got a priest and a married woman — that’s never going to be easy. So, yeah. Suffering makes sense; keeping the characters apart makes sense. (Hopefully, it won’t forever…somehow?)

But the admission that there are feelings there, that those feelings are hurting them both, and that being even the slightest bit ‘off’ or less close than usual is devastating…That was just plain great (and yes, painful AF) to watch. Whatever happens with these two in the future, we know it’s going to hurt so good.”

What other show would you add to this End of the Year List 2022? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

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