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Every guy should own a suit. Heck, you ideally need two or three. Whether you’re a butcher or banker, there are certain occasions in life when only tailoring will suffice.

But with most men opting for blue or gray, standing out is a little like trying to get a ticket to Glastonbury. However, not all hope is lost. With the best suit accessories, you can finally get ahead of the competition and cement your status as the swankiest dresser in town.

Keep reading for my rundown of the most stylish finishing touches—including suspenders, ties, shoes, and belts.

Key Takeaways

Spend just a few short minutes on Reddit’s malefashionadvice pages and you’ll soon discover that you’re not the only one searching for the best suit accessories.

Turns out everyone’s looking for ways to upgrade their tailoring which is why I’ve done some digging to round up a selection of the key pieces every man needs in his rotation. From Paul Smith’s silk tie to Luca Faloni’s reversible belt, you’ll be presented with a wide range of options for every budget and occasion.

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Paul Smith Silk-Grenadine Tie

Oscar Wilde once said, “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,” and I find it hard to disagree. When it comes to the best suit accessories, a tie is definitely up there. Not only does it take the formality up a notch, it can bring some needed color to your ensemble and really help set the tone.

This one from Paul Smith is as good as it gets. The subtle dot pattern offers a dash of character, while the silk fabric and grenadine weave ensure a light and super soft feel. At over $100, the price is a little steep, but well worth it once the compliments start coming your way. For ultimate outfit satisfaction, make sure you learn how to wear it properly.

Luca Faloni Reversible Belt

A belt doesn’t just stop your pants from falling to the ground. It’s also the kind of accessory that can help bring your whole look together. Teamed with a tucked-in dress shirt, it can easily take your outfit from amateur to professional.

Luca Faloni’s version is just the touch of class you require, and gives you the option of wearing it one of two ways. Choose the black side when you want to look slightly more put together, and the brown side for family weddings and days in the office. The calf leather construction ensures there’s no risk of it falling apart.

Velasca Sgarzillo Oxford Shoes

Dress shoes are a worthy investment for any man—especially when it comes to wearing a suit. While sneakers are great for everyday wear, a pair of perfectly shined shoes will ensure you’re ready for weddings, work events, graduation ceremonies, and so on (you get the gist).

As refined as they are timeless, this pair from Velasca will become a mainstay in your formal wardrobe. They’re made from smooth yet durable calf leather that promises to age with grace. And with every step, they’ll soften and gain a little more character. The price tag will put a dent in your wallet, but if you look after them properly, you won’t be needing a replacement for a very long time.

Void Watches Classic Date Watch

Technically speaking, you can decide to wear any watch with a suit. However, dress watches are by far the best choice. Leather or stainless steel straps are ideal, while the face should be minimal and timeless (in style, anyway).

The Classic Date watch from Void ticks all the right boxes. At 38mm in diameter and with a thickness of just 7mm, it’s the perfect size to slip under your suit jacket. You can choose from a number of colors but black is stylish and subtle enough to wear with navy, gray, or patterned suits.

Crown Northampton Derby Sneakers

Sneakers with a suit? Only if you’re cool enough, kid. The fashion-forward combo is a real winner when it comes to setting the style standards. But I’m not talking about the kind you’re wearing to the gym. In order to pull this off, you’ll need a pair like Crown Northampton’s Harlestone.

Made with a derby-style construction, they look and feel just like a high-quality dress shoe. Yet you’re benefiting from the unrivaled comfort of a pair of regular kicks. Awesome, right? Just don’t go wearing them with a shirt and tie. When you’re teaming sneakers with a suit, opt for a plain crew neck T-shirt and show off a little ankle by leaving the socks at home.

London Sock Co Simply Sartorial Socks

You may think of socks as a simple necessity, but they actually carry far more importance than you may think. To make them stand out as one of the best suit accessories, make sure you choose a pair that’s soft, lightweight, and stretchy enough to stay up on your calves.

London Sock Co’s Sartorial socks are a real winner. They’re finely knitted and hand-finished for 100% sock satisfaction. I’ve chosen green for an extra dash of character that’ll impress at weddings, business conferences, and work trips. You can wear them with a range of suits, but I find that navy or gray is best.

Savile Row Company Cufflinks

Not all types of shirts can accommodate cufflinks. You need to ensure you choose a dress shirt with French cuffs. Once you do, you’ll be able to add the final piece to your sartorial puzzle. My suggestion is this sterling silver pair from Savile Row Company.

Hand-crafted in England by traditional silversmiths, they’re an elegant addition to any suit. Leave them as they are, or add some personalisation with the brand’s engraving service. It comes at an extra cost, but it’s an excellent finishing touch that makes your accessory that little bit more unique.

Hawes & Curtis Four-Way Pocket Square

A pocket square can be the difference between a good outfit and a great one. The ideal accessory for giving your tailoring that extra something, it’s often overlooked—making it your secret weapon when it comes to beating the competition.

To really make your jacket pocket pop, I suggest a patterned version such as this one from Hawes & Curtis. The 100% silk fabric gives the accessory a seriously soft handle, while the four-way geometric print offers ultimate versatility. The all-blue color narrows down your styling options slightly but they also offer it in burgundy and red.

Suitsupply Black Suspenders

Suspenders, sometimes referred to as braces, play a rather important role in the world of dressing formally (just ask Gordon Gekko). Sure, they can replace a belt by holding your pants in place. But they’re also on the best suit accessories for adding a bit of panache to your ensembles.

For black tie events, awards evenings, and other celebratory parties, I look to these from Suitsupply. They’re finished with leather button ends and have chrome adjustment clips for an added dose of luxury. I find them ideal for classic tailoring, but they may be a little subdued for the more eccentric types out there.

Moss Bros Silver Brushed Tie Clip

Finding unique ways to update your suiting isn’t always easy. Bow ties, socks, and suspenders are often snapped up by anyone googling ‘the best suit accessories’. But what if I told you there was a simple (but highly effective) option that only the most suave consider?

The tie bar, clip, or pin, is a functional and stylish bit of kit that holds your tie in place and acts as a subtle decorative accessory. They’re available in a range of materials and colors, but my favorite is from Moss Bros. It can be placed on a variety of ties, but keep in mind that the bar should be narrower than the tie itself.

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Buying Considerations for The Best Suit Accessories


Choose suit accessories that complement and enhance your overall look. Consider the color, pattern, and texture of the accessories to ensure they coordinate well with your suit. Pay attention to details like finding the right tie to complement your pocket square or selecting cufflinks that harmonize with the suit’s buttons. Always aim for a cohesive and polished appearance.


It’s important to invest in high-quality suit accessories that will withstand regular wear and maintain their appearance over time. Look for well-constructed items made from durable materials like silk or fine metals. Check the stitching, finishes, and closures to ensure they are sturdy and reliable. Quality accessories not only enhance your outfit but also demonstrate attention to detail and sophistication.


When selecting your suit accessories, not only should you choose pieces that align with your personal style, but also those that offer the most versatility. Select ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks that can be worn with multiple suits and shirts, allowing you to expand your wardrobe options and mix and match effortlessly.

Why You Should Trust Us

In addition to being one of the resident fashion writers at Fashionbeans, I have spent six years working in tailoring on London’s iconic Savile Row. During that time, it’s fair to say you get to know a thing or two about the best suit accessories.

I’ve combined my suiting knowledge with my penchant for research to pull together the key pieces every guy should invest in. What started out as a list big enough to fill several pages, has now been narrowed down to the top 10 suit accessories for men.

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Final Verdict

Choosing the best suit accessories is an essential part of creating a polished and sophisticated look. Follow the suggestions in this guide and your new purchases will elevate your outfit, add a touch of personality, and leave a lasting impression.

Whether it’s a well-coordinated tie and pocket square, a pair of elegant cufflinks, or a stylish belt, these accessories are the finishing touches that will complete your ensemble. Remember, investing in quality pieces and paying attention to the details can make all the difference in creating a standout look. So, take the time to select suit accessories that reflect your style and enhance your confidence, ensuring you always make a statement of timeless elegance.


    • By having a navy blue and charcoal gray suit in your wardrobe, you’ll have the foundation for a range of stylish and timeless outfits that’ll ensure you’re well-prepared for various formal and professional events.

      • In addition to visiting a tailor to improve the fit of your suit, accessories are one of the best ways to ensure your look is unique. From pocket squares to ties and cufflinks, some statement accessories can help showcase your individual style and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

        • The easiest way to make your suit look expensive is to invest in quality. However, if you’re shopping on a budget, you may wish to buy a cheaper suit and have it tailored to fit better (and therefore resemble a far pricier design). Choosing some luxury accessories to wear with your suit can also help.

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