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You know the drill; if you see a men’s accessory trend on the runway, it’s coming to every store near you. These days, the best sling bags for men are all the rage.

The best sling bags for men pair form with function like no other men’s accessory (and they actually look cool). It’s time to update your clunky backpack or the briefcase that won’t hug you back.

The quickest way to ruin your polished aesthetic is with a backpack or messenger bag that should have stayed in high school. And if we’re honest, even the sleekest briefcase occupies an entire hand. How are you supposed to hold your phone and a coffee? The best sling bag for men is a stylish, ergonomic solution.

While the best sling bags for men are great for daily commutes, they’re also the ideal outdoor activity companion. Thanks to some amazing bells and whistles like USB chargers, discreet pockets, and lock holsters, there’s a sling bag for every occasion. Some even double as fanny packs… Speaking of.

Why should you buy a sling bag if you’ve already got a fanny pack in the back of your closet? Fanny packs can be cool for hipsters in an ironic way, but a sling bag is the unsung accessory hero of portable storage. 

From the most durable to fashion-forward, keep scrolling to see 14 of the best sling bags a guy can get.


man sitting on grass with sling bag / Instagram

There’s waterproof, and then there’s the Mismo Passage sling bag. It’s double-bonded in lightweight Italian nylon, so nary a drop will penetrate. It’s pretty clear the Passage is yet another extensively durable bag that carries street cred.

As a brand, Mismo takes pride in their exceptional Danish craftsmanship while ignoring short-lived fashion trends. Instead, Mismo has crafted the Passage in the sleek, sophisticated tradition of mid-century Danish design appreciated by the world for decades. Suddenly purchasing a Mismo sling bag feels like investing in a work of art. 

And this work of art is ideal for your daily commute. The Passage is roomy enough for an iPad, with added pleats for expanding volume, plus several invisible pockets for an extra layer of security. Traverse the subway or never-ending Starbucks with total style and security confidence. 

Material: Nylon | Dimensions: 29 L x 20 H x 8 centimeters | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: Not specified 

The Renew Transit bag by Everlane has a completely different vibe. While it’s certainly one of the best men’s sling bag, this baby can easily be worn as a fanny pack if that’s your thing. Soft and a little bit slouchy yet undeniably durable, the Transit is casual with a minimalist vibe. Got to love it.

If shopping consciously takes priority over style, this is the brand for you. Slowly but surely making a dent in the plastic bottle crisis, the Transit bag is a welcome addition to the cause. Everything besides the zippers is made from 100% recycled materials. 

Everlane as a brand has accomplished the nearly impossible by eliminating 90% of virgin plastic used in their supply chain. We can get behind that.

Material: Nylon and polyester | Dimensions: 16 H x 6.5 D x 38 L centimeters | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: Not specified 

Everlane The ReNew Transit Bag

You don’t have to choose between a cross-body bag and a backpack because this little gem is both. KL928 took ingenuity and ran a zipper right through it. Keep it zipped for the sling bag experience. Do just the opposite, and backpack straps magically appear.

This is the ideal bag if you’re constantly carting around multiple small electronics, including an anti-theft pocket for your phone. They even added a specific pocket for a water bottle. Nice touch. 

With 23 colors to choose from and an enticing price point, you won’t feel guilty about buying more than one. 

Material: Canvas | Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.1 x 16.1 inches  | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: 1.4 lbs

KL928 Canvas Sling Bag

Ready to learn the ropes? KAVU doesn’t mess around with comfortable versatility, which is probably why they have over 8,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. 

Their iconic rope shoulder strap design looks cool, but it’s also designed for all-day enjoyment. You also get a little more space than some of the other best sling bags for men. If you’re planning a day at the lake, you’ll have room for smaller electronics in the outer pockets and plenty of room for a second outfit… after you accidentally fall in the lake. 

Try not to fall in while wearing your backpack, though. It’s not fully waterproof, which may be a deterrent if you’re mostly into water activities. But you do get to choose from 50+ colors and patterns. Good luck only picking one.

Material: 600D polyester | Dimensions: 20 x 11 x 3 inches | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: 11oz

Danish craftsmanship strikes again with the Drop Bag by Mismo. This style definitely feels elevated enough to carry along to snazzier events. But before you start thinking it’s fashion first and function later, it’s not all looks. 

The handmade Italian nylon is treated for extra durability, especially in the stain department. If the wine tasting gets a little rambunctious, you won’t have to worry about that merlot becoming a permanent fixture in the fabric. If you need an ultra-classy way to carry the basic necessities, this is it.

Material: Canvas | Dimensions: 13 L x 36 H x 8 W centimeters | Capacity: Not listed | Weight: Not listed

The best men’s sling bag may be trendy, but a vintage-style sling bag outlasts any trend. This bag isn’t oozing with special features because it doesn’t need them. Timeless leather, adjustable strap, classic buckle, and a hidden zippered pocket on the back. What’s not to like?

The roomy interior will comfortably hold your daily essentials, and there’s a cable hole for your headphones if you haven’t jumped on the Bluetooth train yet. Considering the price tag, “basic” never looked this good. If you’re willing to take care of this bag, it will gradually turn into a one-of-a-kind heirloom. 

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.8 x 12 inches | Capacity: Not listed | Weight: 1.54 pounds

IVTG Genuine Leather Sling Bag

The Gion cross-body sits at that sweet spot between seriously useful yet cool enough for Kanye to wear. On the dependable side, this bag packs a serious punch. The PETA-approved vegan tarpaulin is waterproof plus UV-resistant, so the color won’t fade. This bag plans on transcending the trends. 

One travel trend that’ll never go out of style is discreet pockets. Store important stuff you just can’t lose, like your passport in the sneaky zippered section against your back. It would take some serious planning for a pickpocket to snag your valuables.

And you can choose from a slew of strong neutral colors for casually blending in, all for under $100. Our favorites are dark olive and graphite.

Material: Vegan tarpaulin | Dimensions: 25 W x 18 H x 4.5 D centimeters | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: Not specified 

Are you surrounded by trees more often than walls? You’re going to want the BANGE sling bag. The protective outer shell not only looks like a cool rock, but it can also protect you from them… Yes, and your phone. The snazzy shell has an anti-shock component. Pretty cool.

Just because you’re outdoorsy doesn’t mean your tech stays at home. The interior is lined with a “thickening sponge” (whatever that is) to keep all your portable electronics damage-free. But the game-changer here is really the USB port. Is it really hiking without your favorite tunes?

Material: Leather | Dimensions: 11.8 H x 6.7 L x 4.3 W inches | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: 1.23 lbs. 

Bange Sling Bag

Herschel may not be an old brand, but the Vancouver-based company knows how to produce retro aesthetic and vintage-inspired designs. If the classic book bag style makes you happy, you’re in the right place.

Unlike your grade school backpack, this one has features for the hipster on the go. Keep all your stuff organized in style with the signature striped interior loaded up with different compartments. Except your keys—they get their own key clip on the front pocket.

Material: Ripstop nylon | Dimensions: 14.57 x 7.48 x 3.15 inches | Capacity: 8L | Weight: 11.36 ounces 

The Chrome Kadet sling bag was practically made for super mobile lifestyles—think bike messenger. Wear it high or low on your back, depending on where you like your gear to sit. Either way, you get to show off the trendy seatbelt buckle closure in the front.

There’s no need to worry about permanent indentions on your shoulder because of the cushy padding for all-day comfort. Space isn’t much of an issue either with the spacious pockets and daisy chain loops in case you’re not a light traveler. 

And if you’re legitimately on a bike all the time, this best sling bags for men includes a U-lock holster. Pretty much every review mentions the amazing durability, but we’re more excited about the built-in bottle opener. How many bags have that nifty feature?

Material: Military grade nylon | Dimensions: 8 H x 17 W x 4 D inches | Capacity: 9L | Weight:1.34 lbs.

Chrome Industries Kadet Sling Messenger Bag

You’re likely familiar with Away and their trendy yet durable suitcases, but it’s time to get acquainted with their super compactable best sling bags for men. We’re going to look past the fact that it’s basically a fanny pack because of the traveling wow factor. 

This eco-friendly travel wonder is the perfect size for all your essentials, and you can wear it in two different ways (no one’s hating on fanny packs here). But the best part is actually when you aren’t using it. It folds down to fit in a zippered pouch that could fit in your back pocket.

You’ve got two neutral and two vibrant colors to choose from, but if you’re lucky, you can snag their limited edition pattern.

Material: Nylon | Dimensions: 12.6 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches | Capacity: 2L | Weight: 4oz

One of the leaders in luxury travel accessories, Tumi toes the line of durability and seriously good looks. Between the stellar design and stylish pop of golden yellow, the Tahoe Bozeman sling bag has you covered from gallery tours to rock climbing.

Yes, they nailed the aesthetic, but they also have something no other brand offers: Tumi Tracer®. Separation anxiety won’t be quite as stressful if your bag mysteriously vanishes. Tumi’s program uses a 20-number specific to your bag, so you can find it if the worst should happen.

Keep in mind these best sling bags for men are a bit of an investment. If you’re ready to invest in a long-lasting accessory, the value is well worth the price tag.

Material: Polyester/spandex/nylon | Dimensions: 13.5 H x 6 W x 2.5-4.5 D | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: Not specified

Tumi Tahoe Bozeman Sling Pack

Practical on the outside, fun on the inside. Porter-Yoshida & Co. has never failed us for top-notch Japanese craftsmanship. The exterior is exactly what you’d expect from this expert brand—Durable, useful, and timeless.

The seriousness takes a turn when you peek inside at the bright and happy orange lining. The happiness continues for the oraganized obsessed with an abundance of internal compartments. And you get a detachable bonus pouch.

Even though these sling bags for men look like it came from an efficient production line, that’s not the case. Your bag will be unique, made from one pair of skilled hands down to the last stitch. 

Material: Nylon | Dimensions: 22.5 x 12.5 x 4 centimeters | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: Not specified

This sling bag is the ideal foundation for an all-around accessory. It has multiple compartments to keep you organized. But here’s where it gets fun—you can carry it as a sling, shoulder, crossbody or waist bag.

First, decide where to attach the quick-release strap. A chest bag so you can reach your belongings quickly. A shoulder bag for when you’re on the run. In busy areas, carry it close to you in a fanny pack or cross body bag. Additionally, it can be adjusted for left or right carry.

Whatever your lifestyle is, Fitdom has an option for it. Not a bad color selection, either.

Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 10.5 W x 8 H x 3 D inches | Capacity: Not specified | Weight: 12.63 oz. 

Fitdom Small Tactical Messenger Bag

What To Look For When Buying The Best Sling Bags For Men


Most of the best sling bags for men are made of new or recycled nylon because it’s synthetic, highly durable, and lightweight. If you need extra strength fabric, you’ll want to look for military-grade ballistic nylon, which is (you guessed it) much stronger than your average nylon. The downside of high-grade durability is that it’s often stiffer and a little heavier. You’ll find polyester in some bags too, but they tend to be on the weaker side. Make sure you read up on whether the polyester is dese enough or specially treated. 

horiznstudios / Instagram


Contrary to popular belief, size matters—at least in when considering one of the best sling bags for men. Before you invest, make sure you know on average how much stuff you need to carry around. If you’re planning on packing a change of clothes, a sling bag designed for your keys and phone won’t cut it. Read through reviews to see how much stuff other buyers have been able to stow away.


Not every website lists the capacity of their best sling bags for men. But if they do, it will list how much stuff you can fit inside, typically in liters. However, photos can often be misleading. And who actually knows what their stuff translates to in liters? Luckily, most product descriptions highlight the kinds of objects a sling bag can hold. Three liters is going to hold an iPad, just for reference. 


    • A sling bag is a convenient, fashionable bag worn across the back and/or the chest. It’s secured with a cross-shoulder strap and naturally contours to your body better than a standard backpack. 

      • Sling bags are beloved, thanks to their versatility. Most of them even clip around your waist if you’re nostalgic for the fanny pack look. Above all, a sling bag should feel comfortable. But it helps that our list has so many stylish options to compliment your wardrobe.

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