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A wallet is a wallet, right? Well, yes and no. It turns out there are actually quite a few different types of wallets to consider. There is, of course, no one right wallet type or “best men’s wallet.” It’s all about what’s best for you.

Bifold: The traditional wallet, bi-folds keep money management simple by providing easy access to cards and folded bills. Benefits include extra pockets to store well over five cards and sometimes as many as nine (without getting too bulbous). However, bifolds can get big and stick out of your pocket. They certainly don’t look great in a front pocket, so keep in mind you’ll be storing them in your back pocket or in a breast pocket.

Minimalist Wallet: The newcomers to the world of wallets, a minimalist wallet usually comes in the form of a cardholder or a card case. They have a super slim profile and are pros at staying incognito in your front pocket. Evaldas Baniulis, owner of Domini Leather, tells us, “Small cards-only wallets are easier to choose from because there are fewer features to choose from in general.” The only con to minimalist wallets is the lack of room for bills and holding more than four to five cards.

Money Clip: The old-money approach to carrying, well, your cash. A money clip can be an elegant and efficient way to carry your currency without taking up much pocket space and without you having to fiddle around when trying to pay for dinner. Money clips can also be luxurious and timeless. Most can even invoke nostalgia. Yes, there’s limited capacity and minimal protection (hard-to-carry cards, too) but it’s worth remembering cash is still very much the king in our society.

Travel Wallet: A travel wallet is a type of holder that can go in a breast pocket or hold your passport. With a passport wallet, you get enough space to store your travel necessities plus room to carry cards, receipts, and foreign currency (even coins). With these types of wallets, you get ample storage, large pockets, and a clean aesthetic (passport wallets typically come in one long smooth piece of leather). The downside is travel wallets can be pricey and not pocket-friendly.

Vertical Wallet: “Larger vertical wallets are a rare buy among men,” says Baniulis. “[N]onetheless they have [a] fan base. They are just larger and can fit more things. Such wallets are used by men who also like carrying their car registration documents inside their wallet.”

Specialty Wallet: A specialty wallet can be described in a number of ways. However, these wallets usually come in the form of smartphone wallets, tactical wallets, and RFID wallets. The positives of a specialty wallet include a high level of safekeeping thanks to grade-A protection and several everyday carry (EDC) bells and whistles. The downside is there aren’t many models out there so there are only a few makers out there who truly have great products we’d recommend.

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