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Creators of the popular at-home workout DB Method, Erika Rayman and Anton Venter, are asking consumers to redefine the way they think about swimwear by bringing something new to the table — jewelry specifically designed to accentuate swimwear and transform it into a work of art.

The idea for Dorne came to Rayman as a flash of insight about what “true luxury” really is, which she defines as “the privilege to be present and live fully in the moment. It’s finding the joy and beauty in the experience of now and finding pleasure in what’s right in front of us.” It’s a sentiment shared by many consumers who today are looking to make the most of moments, from shifting spending to travel and experiences and the items that elevate times spent with loved ones.

“In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information, responsibilities and expectations, embracing simplicity can be a radical act,” Rayman said. “But when we do, we open up space in our lives — space for creativity, for self-reflection, for rest and rejuvenation. Simplicity isn’t about less; it’s about making space for the expression of self and through that we can find more meaning.”

Rayman shared that her ‘aha moment’ occurred after losing her dad in 2021 — a time when she was searching for inspiration and comfort in the feelings and places that made her the happiest. For her this meant spending time on the beach with feet in the sand, watching the waves and listening to the ocean. While on the beach in Miami, Rayman said she couldn’t help but notice everyone around her was clad in nearly identical swimwear, which she describes as “devoid of personal differentiation.”

In its simplicity, Dorne is the answer to the blank slate that Rayman saw on the beach, allowing consumers to accessorize swimwear to express individuality and style. In its complexity, Dorne pays homage to a lifestyle and creates a world that is about the consumer becoming their own muse.

Dorne is designed to be stacked and layered to fit an individual’s personal style.

Dove Shore.

Dorne’s three-part system includes Bonds, Connections and Mementos. The custom Bonds serve as the foundation and clip to the swimwear, where the wearer can then add Connections that create movement and link to the Mementos made to mix and match or wear solo. Connections and Mementos are designed to reflect ever-evolving style, life milestones and wanderlust-filled adventures. Each piece is 18-karat gold ion-plated using UltraShine technology that creates a waterproof, hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant finish to deliver purpose and meaning.

Dorne launches with pieces that are customizable down to the finest detail. The centerpiece, called Bonds, serve as the foundation that clips to swimwear.

“In founding Dorne (from the verb ‘adorn’), we are providing a new way to express your unique sense of style, accessorize your journeys and adorn your adventures,” Rayman said. “It’s about making your swimwear uniquely your own. Our pieces introduce a brand-new category of jewelry that transforms swimwear into a statement that reflects who you are and will be a mainstay in the memories and experiences you cherish. Every piece was designed to remind you of that perfect day, that incredible vacation, that soul-searching sunset. When you adorn yourself, you embody your paradise.”

When she wears Dorne, Rayman said she has a “distinct vision of a faded passport, hot sand between my toes, a perfectly chilled sunset cocktail, and a dinner table with my favorite people on earth around it. It’s my memento.”


Dove Shore.

Rayman’s vision for the brand is for Dorne to enrich the travel experience before even leaving home and after the experience. Moreover, she sees the brand resonating with those who seek to be trendsetters and live authentic, full lives that prioritize presence and spirit.

“There’s nothing as beautiful as being and feeling confident, and when you see someone who is, you can’t miss them,” Rayman said. “You can spot a Dorne girl from a mile away. You don’t know her, but you wonder how she knows herself like that. It’s not her labels that tell you, it’s her essence. She has specific tastes, and she wears what she likes. Her vibe is her own, her styling is personal. She reminds you of no one. What she does make you remember is that if you find beauty in something, don’t wait for someone else to agree and express your vision with confidence. Dorne is so much more than just a brand, it’s a new way to embrace experience and show off parts of ourselves we might not often express.”

Excitedly Rayman told WWD that she sees endless possibilities for growth and even collaborations as the Dorne world takes off. Noting that “entrepreneurship can be a hilly climb,” she has built the Dorne team with others who share her passion, including fellow entrepreneur Leland Drummond, co-founder of Azione and LDMA, as an adviser.


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