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Celebrate the dysfunctional family’s superheroic return to Netflix in 2024.

Who hasn’t considered what it would be like to have superpowers? Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy runs with those thoughts, introducing a world of superheroes, secret societies, and wacky adventures inspired by the Dark Horse comic series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. After three well-loved seasons featuring a stellar cast of great actors who have won the hearts of viewers (we’re looking at you, Number Five), it wasn’t likely that The Umbrella Academy wouldn’t get to end its on-screen journey on its own terms.


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The fourth and final season of The Umbrella Academy has been confirmed to air on August 8, 2024. That makes this the perfect time for fans to show some love for the show. Naturally, a rewatch is in order, but what about something that lets fans demonstrate their support for the most dysfunctional superhero series on streaming? We’ve collected together the best merch inspired by the show, including a few things Number Five would most definitely love.

  • The Umbrella Academy Boxed Set

    The Umbrella Academy Boxed Set

    When some viewers find a compelling show, they like to dig back to the source material that inspired it. The Umbrella Academy was created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá — and three volumes are collected here across over 500 pages, featuring illustrations and information about the Hargreeves children and side characters from the show. It’s an excellent chance for those personalities to be fleshed out and developed. That’s one reason this book is a great steal for any fan looking to learn more about The Umbrella Academy

  • The Umbrella Academy Movie Poster Number Five

    The Umbrella Academy Number Five Poster

    Does anyone ever wonder what Number Five’s first name is? Played by Aidan Gallagher, this character is the absolute poster boy of the show. Much of The Umbrella Academy‘s dynamics pivot on his actions, so this high-quality series poster is a perfect addition to a fan’s bedroom or hallway wall. It’s an eye-catching design, which is slightly warped, giving the impression that Number Five is just about to teleport on some crazy adventure. 

  • Umbrella Academy TV Vanya 1:18 Scale Action Figure

    1:18 Scale Vanya Action Figure

    $22 $30 Save $8

    This four-inch action figure captures Vanya (now Victor) in their iconic suit with violin from the pivotal scenes at the end of the first season. The action figure has multiple points of articulation, making it fully posable, and comes with some interchangeable parts to make for a more dynamic centerpiece. Those include a violin and bow, extra violin bands, an extra head, a book, a logo stand, and a closed umbrella.

  • Umbrella Number 5 Cosplay Uniform Halloween Costume Complete Set

    The Umbrella Academy Number Five Cosplay Costume

    Any fan eager to cosplay The Umbrella Academy or planning a Halloween costume might want to consider this distinctive outfit from the Netflix show. It includes a nice, breathable navy jacket embroidered with the academy logo, a black vest, and a mask. Perfect for anyone to channel their inner Number Five, it comes in a unisex, standard fit, allowing fans to rock their argyle plaid sweater vest to the fullest. Anyone stepping out in this just has to ensure they don’t shatter reality while they’re at it.

  • JXJMYU The Umbrella Academy Stickers|

    The Umbrella Academy Sticker Pack

    $5 $6 Save $1

    Stickers — a whole bunch of them! These high-quality prints feature a strong adhesive that allows them to be put anywhere so fans can show off their love for The Umbrella Academy wherever they are. They feature characters from the show, umbrellas, Pogo the ape… Pretty much any element of the superhero phenomenon fans can name, there’s a sticker for it. Over 50 stickers are included, so viewers can select the ones that suit their taste and mood or celebrate their favorite character from the show.

  • Umbrella Academy Diego Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

    The Umbrella Academy Diego Funko Pop!

    Diego Hargreeves is an absolute fan favorite from The Umbrella Academy. His flashy abilities and costume make him one of the most lethal members of the dysfunctional family. This Funko Pop! helps put all of that on display. The figure comes packaged in a window display box, it measuries just under 4 inches tall. It’s perfect for collectors, show fans, and makes a quirky but cool gift too. 

  • The Umbrella Academy 7-Pack Figure Set

    The Umbrella Academy 7-Pack Figure Set

    An action figure set that depicts all seven Hargreeves kids. Each figure is a well-detailed, stylized version of favorite characters, and ranging in size from 2.8 to 3.4 inches tall, they’re adorable too. The perfect way for fans to get their hands on figures, as seen in the show’s first season, including Five, Klaus, Allison, Ben, Diego, Luther, and Vanya. Great for collecting and displaying — what more could a fan ask for? 

  • BRRF The Umbrella Academy Poster Poster Decorative

    The Umbrella Academy Season Three Decorative Poster

    Each season of The Umbrella Academy ups the ante, bringing even crazier adventures (and amazing dance sequences with them!). Season three was a joy to behold, and this high-definition print is a great addition to any wall. It features every member of the Academy and is a perfect way for a fan to show their love for the show and cast. 

  • Dark Horse Umbrella Academy Prop Figure Resin Replica

    The Umbrella Academy Ben Resin Figure

    Standing approximately 6.25 inches tall, this figure of Ben Hargreeves (Number Seven) has a vintage style that would definitely look good in any collection. It weighs over 7.2 oz and is made from resin. It’s a stylish and incredible way to pay tribute to one of the show’s characters. The gruesome centerpiece is an unmissable nod to the character’s ability to summon eldritch creatures.

  • Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1 (Comic Book): Limited edition

    The Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1 (Limited Edition Comic Book)

    This is a pristine chance to go right back to the start of Dark Horse’s original comic series. This limited edition with a variant cover is an excellent way for any fan to own a classic part of Gabriel Bá and Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy. Starting the comic storyline that inspired the first season of the Netflix show, this makes an incredible collector’s piece that deserves a special place on any wall or shelf.

  • Umbrella Academy: Season One [DVD]

    Umbrella Academy: Season One [DVD]

    $12 $25 Save $13

    With a new season coming, what better way to get ready than to catch up with earlier storylines? Fans may have caught the show on Netflix the first time around, but now is a great time to consider getting the show on physical home media. Included in this set is the complete first season of 10 episodes.

  • Umbrella Academy Crest In Rain Sweatshirt

    Umbrella Academy Crest In Rain Sweatshirt

    A sweatshirt made with high-quality cotton and polyester that means comfort and breathability for the wearer. This top features the crest of The Umbrella Academy and makes a great addition to a fan’s wardrobe. It comes in three colors and a range of sizes, making it an easy option for fans wanting to show off their love for the superhero phenomenon. 

The brilliantly quotable Number Five may have said, “We didn’t choose this life, we’re just living it,” but fans have a lot of choice when it comes to showing their support for the Hargreeves clan. Our top recommendation from this collection of incredible merchandise is The Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1 limited edition comic book. It’s a premium collectible and the perfect way for dedicated fans to get right to the source of the show’s incredible characters and demonstrate their fandom.


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Another recommendation is the resin figure of Ben Hargreeves. It’s brilliantly sculpted and shows the classic influences that inspired Way and Bá to create this instant classic superhero team. The dark aspects of the series, particularly Number Seven’s powers, are clear in the Lovecraftian tentacles popping out of the figure. It’s a great way to bring the series to life and makes a durable tribute to The Umbrella Academy that’s sure to turn heads. Fans who want to get their hands on Number Seven and those eldritch powers at Amazon can secure the best price and delivery options when they sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime.


When did The Umbrella Academy’s first premiere?

Umbrella Academy was first released on Netflix on February 15, 2019.

Is the Fourth Season Of The Umbrella Academy The End Of The Series?

Yes, The Umbrella Academy ends with the fourth and final season in August 2024.


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