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Gaming laptops are increasing in popularity due to their evolution from being just portable computers to portable high-end gaming machines. Over the last decade, laptops have made incredible strides towards greatness and some high-end machines are even able to keep up with the standard PC when it comes to raw performance. Despite the efforts made by laptop manufacturers to even the playing field, laptop users are still missing out on some crucial accessories that are considered the norm for a desktop PC setup.


Must Have Laptop Travel Accessories

Laptops are made to travel, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t accessories ready and waiting to make it even easier work and game on the go!

Even though gaming on a smaller screen with a built-in keyboard and speakers can be a satisfactory experience for some, gaming laptops are far from perfect. There are countless accessories available that will uplift the overall gaming experience and, for those who are looking for the best accessories, their search ends here. The team at Game Rant has compiled a list of essentials for gaming laptops that will eliminate many of the limitations a user may experience while gaming on their laptop.

The Best Accessories for Gaming Laptops

Carrying a gaming laptop anywhere, anytime sets it apart from traditional gaming desktop computers. With high-end gaming specs, anyone can game on a laptop without having to sit in their house all the time. However, without the essential accessories listed here, gaming on a laptop can still feel incomplete. With Game Rant’s recommended list of the best accessories, gamers are going to take their laptop’s potential to another level, enjoying the games as they are meant to be.

Laptops usually don’t have sufficient airflow due to all components being stacked together in a small space. Even with the most advanced thermal cooling solutions, laptops, particularly gaming-oriented ones, generate immense heat. Hence, using a cooling pad is a no-brainer. From tons of cooling pads, one of the best ones users can use is the Ultimate RGB cooling pad from KLIM which is compatible with laptops up to 17.3 inches in size.


The Best Quiet Gaming Laptops for 2024

This guide showcases the best quiet gaming laptops for 2024, ensuring an immersive yet tranquil gaming experience.

Its 200mm fan makes sure the laptop is fed cool air continuously while generating very little to no noise, thanks to the low fan speed of 750rpm that does an excellent job of cooling without compromising on heat dissipation. Moreover, the RGB lights on the edges are sufficiently bright to light up your tabletop. With 4 levels of height adjustment, users can also adjust their laptop positions according to their comfort and can control the RGB modes via the buttons at the back.

Generic laptops speakers are terrible for gaming sessions. With limited info players usually get from the built-in speakers, it becomes crucial to use a premium gaming headset like the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7, which works wirelessly and provides a noise-cancellation microphone. Even though not cheap, it packs some of the best features users can find on more expensive headsets. The headset can work more than 30 hours on a single charge and can work up to 6 hours on a quick 15-minute charge. Moreover, users can utilize the SteelSeries Engine software to customize the equalizer, switch between different audio modes, and configure miscellaneous settings.

Although the trackpads included in gaming laptops are great for convenience, they are not well-designed for comfort or ergonomics while gaming. Due to this, a gaming mouse is an absolute must. With the Logitech Powerplay Wireless Charging System, gamers can streamline their gaming experience so that they never need to worry about charging their wireless mouse ever again, while still maintaining all the added benefits of using a wireless mouse over a wired one.


Best Wireless Mice for Laptops

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Furthermore, the included Logitech G502 X Lightspeed mouse has been vetted and featured by Game Rant as the Best Overall High-End Gaming Mouse. It should also be noted that the Powerplay Wireless Charging System is not exclusive to that mouse and is compatible with many different Logitech mice including: G703, G903, G502 X Lightspeed, Pro X and more.

Generally, laptop users are limited to a single screen. This is acceptable for casual browsing and day-to-day activites. However, with the Triple Laptop Screen Extender, a laptop user can now span their experience across three screens. This is great for multitasking while gaming, or managing a stream or recording. No longer will a gamer need to Alt-Tab constantly to swap between applications, interrupting the flow and immersion of gameplay.

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