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Best men’s designer accessories? Think of them as the underrated protagonists of a captivating style narrative, with the power to knit together an ensemble, underscore a fashion statement, and inject a dose of practicality into your summer soirées. But first, we must upend the notion that accessories are mere afterthoughts. Rather, consider how a statement piece like a Marni or JACQUEMUS bag, a Louis Vuitton belt, or sunglasses can become the charismatic lead of your look.

Surely, you, a person with a penchant for stylish elegance and radiant confidence, would recognize the importance of cultivating an impressive roster of high-quality accessories. Understandably, it’s an evolution. As you grow, so does your sartorial palette — from sock hues to timepiece preferences.

Accessories are also your personal style’s megaphone, amplifying your unique aesthetic and creativity. Picture the intrigue a distinct weekend bag or an exceptional watch can bring to your look. Accessories offer the exhilarating opportunity to inject a creative spin on your existing style.

This guide is your compass in the sometimes overwhelming expanse of accessory options. Crafted with care by the Highsnobiety team and consistently refreshed, it’ll introduce you to some of the market’s most remarkable men’s accessories. With us, accessorizing is not a task but a thrilling adventure.

No cap, these are some of the best caps of all time

Our society underestimates the true power of a hat. The best men’s designer accessories, like superior hats, act as a knight in shining armor, defending your face from the sun’s relentless attacks, shielding you from unexpected showers, and stepping in for “hair disasters” or “hairless moments”. Moreover, a masterfully chosen hat can be the X-factor in your ensemble, elevating your attire to the ranks of viral trends on social media feeds. With menswear brands presenting an array of innovative hat designs, from caps to buckets, and yes, even visors, the door to the headwear domain is wide open.

A hat isn’t confined to seasons; it’s a versatile companion that should be at your side for every occasion. Venturing to the sunny French Riviera? Take a hat along. Channeling your inner Sprezzatura for Pitti Uomo? Choose a hat. Embarking on a chilling alpine hike? You catch our drift. We’ve collated a top-tier selection of the market’s best men’s hats, featuring names from C.P. Company to Bally. Immerse yourself in our top hat picks.

Everyone needs a luxury bag in their wardrobe

Hauling around your essentials shouldn’t feel like a chore. Whether it’s jetting off to a beach getaway, heading for a tranquil hike, or en route to the next social gathering, convenience is key. I, for one, appreciate the understated elegance of a simple Hermès wallet nestled in my pocket. But it’s the backpacks, messenger bags, and side bags that truly simplify life on the go. The best bags for men can effortlessly enhance your look while providing much-needed practicality. Stash your laptop, an extra summer shirt, wallets, gadgets, or even a snack for the road— all while exuding an air of sartorial savvy.

Think of a bag as the missing jigsaw piece that seamlessly integrates into your look while offering the practicality of holding your must-haves. The wide range of styles and designs for men’s bags substantiates this! Crossbody, backpack, trendy fanny pack, tote, or duffle— every look and occasion has its bag. Navigate your way through our Highsnobiety selection, and find your next perfect carry-all.

The best scarves protect your neck and your fit

Once you’ve curated your go-to jeans, invested in resilient winter outerwear, and chosen your season’s knitwear, it’s time to add the best scarves for men to your stylish repertoire. Bracing against the biting fall and winter breezes calls for an essential line of defense for your neck. However, scarves are not only guardians against the cold. They offer an exciting opportunity to weave an element of high-fashion sophistication into your winter ensemble. Brands such as Acne Studios and A.P.C. are key players in this endeavor. For those who favor vibrant and bold expressions, Y/Project will cater to your fashion-forward cravings.

Be it a preference for minimalist chic, a taste for vivid statements, or a blend of both, our thoughtfully compiled selection of the best men’s scarves won’t disappoint. Immerse yourself in this realm of fashionable warmth, explore our range, and elevate your winter style. Add the finishing touch to your look and embrace the chill with panache.

You shouldn’t be scared of adding jewelry to your wardrobe

Since the era of royalty, jewelry has been a symbol of our identities and social stature. These ornate accessories, artfully forged from precious metals and vibrant gems, have a unique allure that’s embedded in our human nature, making them an exceptional gift choice.

The modern style enthusiast often ponders: how does one weave jewelry seamlessly into their attire, and which brands are top-tier? Navigating the landscape of the best jewelry for men can feel like a complex journey. Stylistic preferences can quickly fluctuate from over-the-top to elegant addition

Our carefully assembled guide is here to aid your quest for the perfect piece. Discover a balance of timeless essentials and standout, trend-led pieces that promise to invigorate the recipient’s wardrobe with newfound vibrancy. Explore, and let us assist in your search for that special piece.

Socks: The bold and the beautiful

While socks may seem like an afterthought in the grand scheme of an outfit, they indeed offer an underrated platform to express personal style. Whether peeping out from loafers or embracing a pair of sneakers, socks transform into a powerful sartorial statement. Diving deep into sock selection isn’t merely about enhancing your footwear’s comfort – it dramatically elevates their cool quotient.

These quintessential accessories, frequently sidelined in outfit planning, rank among the best investments for men’s style. No, we’re not advocating for three-figure sock purchases, but your foot companions deserve some thoughtful consideration. The best socks strike a balance between comfort and aesthetic appeal, hence the importance of exploring the rich array of choices.

To simplify your sock hunt, we’ve compiled a list of eight must-know sock types to acquaint yourself with. It’s time to broaden your footwear horizons and acknowledge the influential role of socks in your style narrative.

Luxury keychains are some our favorite ways to flex

Let’s rethink the underestimated role of keychains in your ensemble. They might seem insignificant, but these little accessories get seen more often than you think – making them a savvy way to elevate your accessory game. In lieu of grabbing a kitschy souvenir at a tourist spot, why not indulge in a high-end keychain to demonstrate your sartorial prowess?

Keychains allow you to display your affinity for luxury brands subtly, yet effectively. Embrace the chance to bring a bit of luxury into your daily routine with our curated selection of the most impressive “luxury keychains” in the market, each one offering a slice of design mastery right at your fingertips.

Wallets should be your most reliable companion

Imagine a loyal companion accompanying you throughout your daily life, securely carrying your cards, cash, and countless other essentials. A partner as vital as your breath. This isn’t a description of a beloved pet, but rather a celebration of a truly timeless accessory: the wallet.

In the fast-paced rhythm of the 21st century, your wallet should reflect your needs and aesthetics. So, why settle for the mundane when you can upgrade to an emblem of pure class? The luxury wallet market offers a plethora of options that capture your personality, ranging from timeless elegance to bold prints and intriguing textures.

Are you seeking a wallet that makes a bold statement with its iconic monogram? Or perhaps a subtle piece that whispers the tale of exceptional craftsmanship? Or maybe you’re after that conversation starter that’ll turn heads at the bar. Whatever your style, the search for a wallet that’s worth every penny ends here.

Browse through our selection of premium wallets from the most coveted luxury brands, and elevate your everyday carry to new heights.

Belts can quite literally hold your entire fit together

The art of crafting a stylish ensemble often lies in the unanticipated details, and a belt is no exception. More than just a functional piece to keep your trousers in check, the right belt has the power to transfigure your outfit, lifting it to a realm of effortless elegance. What better way to harness this power than with a belt meticulously designed by top-tier luxury houses?

At Highsnobiety, our passion for belts runs deep. It’s our pleasure to present a curated list of our top picks in luxury belts, carefully chosen for their blend of exceptional quality and standout style. Whichever selection you make, rest assured you’re making an investment in an accessory that elevates your style game to new, unprecedented heights.

Step up your horology game with these luxury watches

Venturing into the expansive universe of timepieces to acquire your inaugural luxury watch can be a formidable task. The flood of technical terms and elite brands may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Nevertheless, selecting your first luxury watch should evoke excitement and satisfaction. After all, the right watch can elevate your style, mark a significant milestone, or evolve into a sensible investment.

However, it’s crucial to remember that not every watch validates its price tag. Hastened decisions at high-end boutiques may result in regret. Even though watch selection is subjective, certain universally applicable guidelines can steer your purchase, no matter your budget.

Kicking off our series on watches, this guide will endow you with essential insights, from discerning the intricate parts of a watch to understanding key features to consider. We’ll also explore some of the best watches for men across various price tiers, making the selection process less daunting.

Next up, let’s help you find the perfect men’s shirts and men’s pants for your new accessories. Or, stop by our Highsnobiety Shop to create a full wardrobe with some of our favorite designer products of the year. 

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