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The Meta Quest 3 is finally here, and it’s the new best VR headset in town. From its improved visual performance, higher resolution and slimmer design to enhanced passthrough capabilities good enough for quick Starbucks runs, there’s so much to appreciate about it.

While the headset feels and works great out of the box, it’s launched with dozens of accessories that makes the experience of using it that much more enjoyable. This includes add-ons for better comfort, battery life, charging and much more. Regardless of what you need, here’s a list of the best accessories currently available for the Meta Quest 3.

Anyone who owns the Meta Quest 2 knows that VR has become an excellent alternative to going to the gym. Apps like Supernatural and FitXR are a great way to burn some calories. With that said, working out a lot can eventually lead to a musty odor over time as the face pad absorbs sweat. This is why owning some sort of face pad cover is an absolute must. Not only does it prevent sweat buildup, but it’s also easy to clean — meaning you can share it around the household. The Apexinno VR Silicone Face Pad Cover is only $10 and comes in black and white.

Between dust, condensation, dirt and general daily use, having a handy VR cleaning kit is incredibly important for maintaining your headset’s health. This $14 Clean VR Kit comes with a lens cleaning pen and two microfiber cloths. The pen, which works for an estimated 500 uses, has a natural brush for dust and dirt on one side alongside a finer chamois on the other.

Anyone looking to travel with their Meta Quest 3 will want to keep it as protected as possible. There are various cases for the headset available ranging from $20 to $100, but we found this Casematix model especially enticing for the price. In addition to having enough room for your headset and controllers, there’s also a small bag for items like cables or batteries.

The standard straps that come with the Meta Quest 3 controllers can get a bit loose over time, and some users may not care for Meta’s drawstring design. This is why the AMVR Upgraded Controller Grips Covers are a worthwhile alternative. The grips replace the Touch Plus Controller’s battery cover, meaning that you can access and replace your batteries without having to take them off (though this comes at the expense of being able to use rechargeable batteries on the Meta Quest charging dock). The slip-in straps are in line with those of the excellent Valve Index controllers, and the textured grips are designed to keep the controller from slipping out of your hands during intense gameplay.

New for the Meta Quest 3 are three small receptors at the front plate’s bottom, which are for the Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock that allows the headset to be charged wirelessly. All users have to do is sit their headset on the dock and move on. Not only does the style match the minimalistic design of the Meta Quest 3, but it has LED lights to let you know when the headset is fully charged and ready to go. For good measure, the charging dock also comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for the controllers.

For those with shorter hair, the Meta Quest 3’s base strap is comfortable enough. However, users who have bigger hairstyles like Afros or braids may want to try out the Elite Strap. It has a dial tightener that’s similar to the PlayStation VR 2, and it’s compatible with other accessories like the charging dock. The Meta Quest 3’s new design makes installing straps like this one significantly easier than on the Meta Quest 2. If the $70 price tag is a bit much, there are cheaper third-party alternatives available, but the quality may vary.

The Meta Quest 3 internal battery lasts only between two and three hours, depending on the app being used at the moment. Those looking to extend play for up to an additional two hours can try the Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap With Battery. Featuring everything that comes with the Elite Strap, the battery allows users to charge the headset and head strap simultaneously using a single cable. This add-on is great for anyone looking to go a longer time between charges.

The Soundcore by Anker Wireless VR Earbuds are easily the best wireless earbuds you can get for VR while paying less than $100. These earbuds’ LightningSync wireless technology uses a 2.4GHz transmitter in order to reduce latency, something that you’re likely to run into on Bluetooth headphones and that can easily take you out of an immersive VR experience. The earbuds can connect to two devices at the same time, meaning you can hear your favorite VR apps while taking calls from your phone over Bluetooth. Soundcore’s wireless transmitter even supports passthrough USB-C charging, so you can still juice up your Quest 3 when you have it connected.

While the Meta Quest 3 has access to tons of great stand-alone games, you can unlock the headset’s potential even further by connecting it to your computer with a cable like this one. For those with a powerful enough gaming PC, there are hundreds of games available through Steam and even the Oculus desktop app through the headset’s Quest Link feature. Though released for the Quest 2, the Link Cable is also compatible with the Quest 3. The 16-foot USB-C cable allows enough room for quality room scale VR with a gaming PC. Games such as Half-Life: Alyx and Boneworks look even better than before on Meta’s new headset.

While using the USB-C cable for Quest Link cuts down on potential input lag significantly, those with a good enough Wi-Fi connection can go wireless when playing PC-based VR. To get the best wireless Quest Link connection possible, users might want to invest in a D-Link VR Air Bridge. This device connects via wired internet connection from your PC, providing your headset with a dedicated Wi-Fi 6 connection. It’s definitely one of the best ways to play PC VR without the hassle of incredibly long cables.

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