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Demi Lovato, the celebrated singer-songwriter known for her impressive vocals, gets candid about the influence of industry beauty standards on her over the years. The singer opens up about the piece of advice she would give her teenage self and offers valuable insights into navigating beauty expectations in the entertainment industry.

What is Demi Lovato’s beauty tip to her younger self? 

In a recent exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Lovato delved into a topic that resonates with many: beauty standards and self-acceptance. Reflecting on her journey, Lovato shared a heartfelt message to her teenage self: “What I would tell my teenage self is I would say don’t hold yourself to anybody else’s standards but your own. And if your own becomes too critical, then look within yourself and try to find that self-love. I think it’s really important to find self-love no matter what age you are.” 

This poignant advice underscores the importance of self-love and acceptance, urging individuals to define beauty on their own terms. 

Growing up in the spotlight from a young age, Lovato has experienced firsthand the pressures of conforming to societal beauty norms. However, she emphasizes the need to prioritize inner confidence over external validation. 

Lovato also addressed the valuable beauty tips from her experiences on set over her career: “The best beauty tip that I’ve gotten from someone on set is to never sleep in your makeup. I never did that anyway, but to hear it over again was just really important and kind of stuck with me. I never sleep in my makeup. It doesn’t matter how late the night goes; it doesn’t matter if I’m up until the morning, I take my makeup off, and I do my skincare routine, and I’m very diligent about it. I’m just past that.”

Demi Lovato reflected on her struggles with social media and mental health 

In addition to grappling with beauty standards, Lovato has been candid about her struggles with bullying, addiction, and mental health. Sharing her evolution in managing social media, Lovato remarked, “My relationship with social media has evolved over the years from looking to the internet for validation to not looking at internet comments at all. If I happen to see something negative, it doesn’t affect me the way that it used to. And I don’t know if that’s just with age or how many years I’ve been in the public eye; I just don’t let it sit with me the way that it used to. It doesn’t hold power over me the way that it used to.” 

Acknowledging the shift from seeking validation online to prioritizing inner peace, Lovato has eventually learned to disregard negativity and focus on self-positivity. Addressing online hate, Lovato emphasizes compassion and understanding, recognizing that individuals who spread negativity often lack self-love and awareness. By refusing to engage with hateful comments and maintaining a positive mindset, Lovato exemplifies her ways of dealing with cyberbullying. 

“I keep it positive. I’ll post, but I won’t do a deep dive in the comment section. I have an understanding that the people who are commenting mean things lack awareness or they lack self-love, and respect because anybody who’s navigating from a higher sense of good, they’re not going to comment anything like that on someone’s page. And if they really love themselves, they’re not focusing on other people. So I have compassion for the haters online, too,” she added. 

As Demi Lovato continues to navigate the complexities of fame and beauty standards, her journey serves as an inspiration to many. By sharing her experiences and insights, Lovato encourages others to embrace their uniqueness and cultivate self-love, unbothered by irrelevant hate. 

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