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The 2024 fitness awards are all about the cream of the crop apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories that support your holistic fitness routine in the gym (or wherever you prefer to sweat).

Making selections takes our entire family of editors, designers, and trusted trainers. We take into account personal sweat goals, lifestyles, body types, and backgrounds. Movement means something different to each of us—but we all agree that a good sweat changes our moods, productivity, muscles, and more—and so can the right products.

The key elements for reaching any fitness goal? Selecting the right apparel and footwear for your movement modality, incorporating hardworking equipment, measuring it all accurately, and recovering fully to get back at it again and again. In no part of your fitness routine should you ever feel like you’re settling.

These 75 products are what we as a team and our expert panel of trainers reach for again and again despite having access to a multitude of options (perks of the job!). If we could have only one pair of leggings, one pair of running shorts, and one sports bra, the following products are the one-and-onlys. Oh, and we hope to introduce you to totally new products and gadgets that truly level up your workouts. Ready to get motivated?

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How We Chose The Winners

The fitness-loving WHers sweat-tested hundreds of products over the past year to help determine which are worthy to include in the 2024 Fitness Awards. All of the gear, equipment, and activewear are game changers and have been tried and vetted by our editors and/or WH advisors we know and trust, who train with them firsthand or use them with clients.

Meet the experts:
Nellie Barnett, CPT, is an online fitness and wellness coach, glute specialist, and nutritionist based in New York City.
Sam Ciaccia, PA-C, CSCS, is the founder of Bell Mechanics and teaches group and individual kettlebell programs.
Tatiana Lampa, CPT, is a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and the creator of the Training with T app.
Rachelle Reed, CPT, PhD, is a NASM- and ACSM-certified trainer with a doctorate in exercise physiology.
Rachel Tavel, PT, DPT, CSCS, is a physical therapist based in New York City and certified strength and conditioning specialist.
Winnie Yu, PT, DPT, CSCS, is a physical therapist at Bespoke Treatments in New York City.

daughter lessons double take utility pants

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Best Activewear

Best Workout Shorts

YPB motionTEK High Rise Lined Workout Short

Abercrombie & Fitch YPB motionTEK High Rise Lined Workout Short

Now 20% Off

“These are my new favorite running and walking shorts. I’m so obsessed with them, I now own them in five colors.” —Lindsay Geller, WH lifestyle director

Best Leggings With Pockets

Pocket Barre Tight

Don’t let the name fool ya: “These leggings are excellent quality for any workout type, from running to strength training,” says Jacqueline Andriakos, CPT, WH executive health and fitness director. “The pocket is also a must for me on long walks when I don’t want to carry a bag.”

Best Sports Bra For Small Busts

Solace Bra

“This bra is the perfect balance of supportive, sexy, and functional. It’s super comfortable—just the right amount of support for running—versatile, and soft.” —Rachel Tavel, CSCS, PT

Best Grip Socks

Women's Gripper Ankle Sock 4-Pack

Bombas Women’s Gripper Ankle Sock 4-Pack

The pair performs as well as you thanks to smart cushioning and stitches right where you need ’em. Sweat, blisters, and slippage are a distant memory.

Best Workout Tank

Rebalance Tank

Beyond Yoga Rebalance Tank

“Whether I’m going for a jog or taking a Pure Barre class, I reach for this breathable tank often. It hits right at the hip and is the right mixture of cute meets functional.” —Rachelle Reed, PhD, exercise physiologist

Best High-Waisted Leggings

Legacy Legging

Buff Bunny Legacy Legging

“The fabric on these leggings feels so good and creates the cutest 🍑 accentuation.” —Liz Plosser, WH editor-in-chief

Best Workout Onesie

Lustralux Bodysuit

Calia Lustralux Bodysuit

Now 76% Off

“Onesies are going strong and this one with a cute strappy design in back, ample coverage for larger busts, and an inseam that’s just right for a variety of workouts.” —Jennifer Nied, CPT, WH fitness editor

Best Hiking Pants

Double Take Utility Pants

Daughter Lessons Double Take Utility Pants

“These pants are a must for me on hikes and walks when I can’t predict the temperature changes,” Andriakos says. The hidden zippers allow you to seamlessly transition into shorts, “and the cargo pockets are practical and trendy,” she adds.

Best Running Socks

Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab

Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab

“After wearing only one sock brand for years, this plush pair has taken over and made my feet so happy. Max cushion and target compression make them fit like a custom glove.” —Nied

Best Versatile Sports Bra

Jourdaine Bra

“I love the high neck on this sports bra for the secure feel during running or doing multiple burpees. It would be great for larger-busted women as well.” —Tina Martinez, WH food producer

Best Workout Jacket

Scuba Jacket

IVL Collective Scuba Jacket

This stylish neoprene zip-up is a compliment collector, says Andriakos. “It’s comfortable and breathable for workout warm-ups, but chic enough to wear with trousers to work.”

Best Adjustable Sports Bra

Super-Soft Adjustable Front-Wrap Bra

Lululemon Super-Soft Adjustable Front-Wrap Bra

Fitness specialist and breast cancer survivor Sam Ciaccia, PA-C, CSCS, recently finished her last round of reconstructive surgery. “I’m into fashion, so finding something that is functional and looks good [during recovery] is a win for me,” she told WH.

Best Long-Sleeve Workout Top

Wundermost Ultra-Soft Nulu Crewneck Long-Sleeve Shirt

Lululemon Wundermost Ultra-Soft Nulu Crewneck Long-Sleeve Shirt

The new Wundermost fabric feels like a second skin during workouts … or life. “It’s soft to the touch and still sweat-wicking,” says Andriakos.

Best Running Jacket

Essential Running Jacket

Nike Essential Running Jacket

“Running in the rain can be so rough, but this jacket has been a godsend with its water-repelling and lightweight materials and has helped to keep me dry throughout the hundreds of miles.” —Winnie Yu, PT, DPT, CPT, of Bespoke Treatments

Best Compression Leggings

Scuptflex Leggings

Set Active Scuptflex Leggings

“Set Active makes leggings that are comfy and flattering. The fabric is stretchy but compressing at the same time, which is ideal for me.” —Caitlin Carlson, WH contributing health and fitness editor

Best Workout Dress

The Get Moving Easy Access Square Neck Dress

Spanx The Get Moving Easy Access Square Neck Dress

“No matter what color, this dress is totally opaque and flattering with space for a larger chest too. The open back for bathroom pit stops is a genius design for workouts or just running around town.” —Nied

Best Workout Underwear

ComfortStretch Thong

ThirdLove ComfortStretch Thong

If you prefer to wear underwear during sweat sessions, this workout-ready thong must be in your roster. Its seamless, laser-cut design ensures a second-skin fit that lays flat and invisible under even the most form-fitting bottoms.

Best One-Piece Swimsuit

Durafast Elite Solid Maxfit Swimsuit

TYR Durafast Elite Solid Maxfit Swimsuit

Say farewell to sagging suits that can’t hold water. The chic cutout back, comfortable straps, and supportive neckline keep up with you stroke after stroke.

Best Sports Bra Overall

SmartForm Evolution Mid Sports Bra

Under Armour SmartForm Evolution Mid Sports Bra

It’s the adaptive, molded pads that give this sports bra its edge. The style flexes to your body contours and matches your every move.

Best Joggers

Performance Joggers

Vuori Performance Joggers

“The fabric is stretchy and comfortable for working up a sweat or lounging around yet looks more polished than sweats,” says Nied. “The color options are chic and subtle too.” Did we mention they come in multiple inseam options? Love it!

Best Bike Shorts

Riley Bike Short

Wild Rye Riley Bike Short

These extra-lightweight shorts are your new BFF on hotter days. The new Riley features a 10-inch inseam and an elastic back on the waistband for a little extra flexibility around the midsection. The Riley is made up of 90 percent recycled poly and 10 percent spandex blend for a perfect, breathable ride.

adidas supernova rise

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Best Workout Shoes

Best Running Shoe For Every Level

Supernova Rise

The new sneaker offers a firm fit around the foot but still lets you pound the pavement with ease. “It’s perfect for the new or recreational runner who is motivated and looking to build a consistent running routine,” Andriakos says.

Best Knit Running Shoe

Women's TechLoom Dream

APL Women’s TechLoom Dream

The knit sneaker from the cult-fave brand is both stylish and functional for shorter jogs and walks. “The stretchy fabric helps it hug any foot shape,” Andriakos says.

Best Cross-Training Shoe

Impala Sneaker

Veja Impala Sneaker

Now 20% Off

The cross-trainer is sturdy and minimalist; you feel rooted into the ground as you lift, jump, and move. “I tested these with a high-impact trampoline workout and felt protected and stable—no rolled ankles!” Andriakos says.

Best Trail Shoe

Norvan LD 3 GTX Shoe

Arc’Teryx Norvan LD 3 GTX Shoe

“I have never felt confident or stable hiking on slanted rocks or steep loose gravel until I laced up these game-changing sneaks that made me feel like a mountain goat scrambling anywhere.” —Nied

Best Cushioned Running Shoe

Ghost Max

These sneakers are a favorite among runners with foot issues like arch pain and plantar fasciitis.

Best Running Shoe Overall

Mach X

Enter: the Mach with a little extra oomph! The X is well-cushioned while remaining lightweight, and the shape of the sole helps propel you forward.

Best Recovery Shoe

Hydro Moc

This slip-on is just the right amount of quirky and comfortable—excellent for cradling your tired soles post-workout or wading through water on an outdoor jaunt.

Best Walking Shoe

DMX Comfort +

“The most comfortable walking shoes ever,” says Andriakos, who hearts the baby-blue hue. “I keep them next to my indoor walking pad to log miles on my lunch break and cold mornings—you can also keep them tied and easily slip them on and off.”

Best Running Shoe For Pregnancy

The Felix Runner

“I appreciate Saysh’s maternity returns policy that lets you swap your sneaks for another size when your feet change or swell during pregnancy,” Andriakos says. “My toes and feet just feel happy in these.”

Best Speed Shoe

Adizero Adios Pro 3

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3

These shoes are just plain fast, Andriakos says. “If you’re looking to PR like the pros, look no further than these super-lightweight, springy winners.”

Best Running Shoe For Beginners

InfinityRN 4

Nike InfinityRN 4

Now 40% Off

Associate commerce editor Lily Wohlner finally called herself a runner after rocking these Nikes. The foam helps absorb energy and propels you forward so you can run without your legs becoming totally gassed.

Best Weightlifting Shoe

Women's UA Reign 6 Training Shoes

Under Armor Women’s UA Reign 6 Training Shoes

The mesh upper allows for unrestricted movement while lifting weights. The shoe also features a close-to-the-ground sole to help you stay stable and rooted.

nike dumbbells

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Best Gym Equipment

Best Hip Thrust Belt


Bellabooty Belt

Now 14% Off

The TikTok buzz around this gadget—which lets you connect together two dumbbells to create a convenient hip thrust belt—piqued the interest of our health and fitness director. “This simple tool makes it so much easier to do weighted glute bridges or hip thrusts without the pain of a heavy dumbbell across my hip bones and pelvis,” Andriakos says.

Best Dumbbell Accessory


Animal House Fitness MonkeyFeet

Yes to monkeying around thanks to these attachments, which are a fave of Nellie Barnett, CPT. Just pop them on to lift dumbbells with your feet. Talk about leveling up leg day.

Best Rower

Strong Series Rower

Aviron Strong Series Rower

The Strong Series Rower is compact and ergonomic for a truly challenging, at-home full-body workout that’s also enjoyable.

Best Light Weights

Helix Weights

“These light weights look so chic and have a unique shape for grip enabling a variety of angles of exercises to hit all the muscles.” —Nied

Best Elliptical

Max Trainer SE

BowFlex Max Trainer SE

Now 20% Off

Elevate your cardio with this genius elliptical and stepper combined in one whisper-silent machine.

Best Resistance-Bands Set

Shoulder Package

Crossover Symmetry Shoulder Package

“This is my home strength-training solution for all upper body with well-made cords and a variety of resistance to challenge me indoors or out. The included access to the company’s training-program videos offers greater understanding of how to build shoulder strength.” —Marli Higa, WH copy and research chief

Best Jump Rope

AMP Jump Rope Set

Crossrope AMP Jump Rope Set

“All jump ropes seemed interchangeable until I tried this one. It connects to personalized workouts, and the immediate performance feedback enhances the workout experience.” —Nied

Best Stationary Bike

On Sale

Indoor Bike

There’s no reason to break the bank when you can get your indoor cycling on at home with an affordable and high-quality bike that gets Yu’s stamp of approval.

Best Smart Resistance Band Set

AXIS Smart System

“I’ve never experienced a piece of equipment like this—it records reps, time under tension, and pounds of resistance you’ve lifted/pulled/pushed. It is great for showing asymmetries in strength and turning your home into a Pilates reformer studio!” —Tavel

Best Exercise Mat

Pro Extra Large Yoga and Exercise Mat

Manduka Pro Extra Large Yoga and Exercise Mat

This oversize square mat is the perfect foundation for any at-home exercise, be it in a basement or living room corner. Plus, it’s easy to wipe down and has a subtle anti-slip texture, Andriakos adds.

Best Under-Desk Treadmill

T05 Smart Walking Treadmill

Merach T05 Smart Walking Treadmill

It is connected, affordable, and saves on space. A great way to get that cardio in without spending a ton or using up valuable space at home. “I manage to hit my step goal nearly every day now, no excuses!” Andriakos says.

Best Loop Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

“Squeezing in an at-home workout is a must for many busy parents and people, and I love Myokore’s resistance bands as a solve. They’re as durable as they feel and are easy to slide on and off the lower body between sets.” —Reed

Best Dumbbells


Nike enters the equipment space with a bang, and these heavy-duty, durable dumbbells, ranging from 5 to 100 pounds, are a clear standout. The rubber construction and sculpted, ergonomic edges bring the benefits of a full gym home.

Best Connected Home Gym

Move Starter Gym

Tempo Move Starter Gym

Now 11% Off

Tempo Move is raising the bar on adjustable dumbbells with connected fitness tech and responsive workout guidance tuned to your body’s biometrics all housed in a compact cabinet.

Best Exercise Trampoline


“This rebounder is stable and adjustable to match the exact bounce you want/need in your workout routine. There aren’t any springs to worry about for safety either.” —Nied

goodr mach gs

Getty Images

Best Outdoor And Sports Gear

Best Hiking Socks

Women's Treeline Micro Crew Midweight Hiking Sock

Darn Tough Women’s Treeline Micro Crew Midweight Hiking Sock

“These hit that Goldilocks ‘just right’ comfort and thickness that works well in hiking boots and trail runners for casual nature strolls or all-day mountain tours.” —Nied

Best Tennis Skirt

Power Tennis Skirt

EleVen by Venus Williams Power Tennis Skirt

Now 40% Off

The retro pleat detailing and hidden shorts (with pockets!) make this a total winner on the court.

Best Pickleball Bag

Pickleball Bag

Make all of your pickleball opponents jealous with this darling canvas bag. We love the paddle-shaped pocket and cute detailing—and it has plenty of storage for your personal belongings.

Best Tennis Racquet

Blade Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade Tennis Racquet

Come one and all to the court with what Plosser describes as a “badass, lightweight racket that’s a great choice for all ability levels.”

Best Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Paddle

F2 Sports Pickleball Paddle

These lightweight, durable paddles cater to all skill levels with the textured graphite surface and generous sweet spot. Bonus: F2 has female founders.

Best Workout Headband

CoolNet UV Ellipse Headband

Buff CoolNet UV Ellipse Headband

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this no-slip headband keeps hair in place with silicone drops.

Best Snowsuit For Women

Women’s BC Fineline Bib

Eddie Bauer Women’s BC Fineline Bib

Now 15% Off

The brightly hued bib keeps the snow and cold out but the fashion in.

Best Running Sunglasses

Mach G

These performance-level aviators don’t slip down against sweat, or fog up during wet and breathy workouts.

Best Hydration Pack


Osprey HYDRAULICS 2L Reservoir

The ultra-compact hydration pack stands up against a bending backpack so you stay protected from leaks—and hydrated round the clock.

fitness awards

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Best Fitness Apps And Wearables

Best Women’s Fitness App


The new program, SYNCD, features workouts designed with your cycle in mind. It also incorporates educational info to help you learn WTF is going on with your body (and how best to support it) during all your menstrual-cycle phases.

Most Inclusive Workout App


“Apple Fitness+ always makes me feel welcome. Their diverse roster of instructors shows modifications for all fitness levels, and each workout celebrates different cultures, music, and styles of sweating. There’s something for truly everyone here.” —Amanda Lucci, WH deputy editor, content strategy

Best Lifestyle Watch

Venu 3S

This device is changing the watch game with inclusive features like enhanced women’s health stats, workouts specific for wheelchair users, and useful day-to-day wellness intel. It is also mom-approved: “It’s easy to use and compatible with my active lifestyle, logging dog-walk steps, encouraging movement, and enhancing healthy sleep habits.” —Nied

Best Sleep Tracker


“I am a big fan of the product because it doesn’t light up or distract me during the workday or while hanging with my kids. The mobile app allows me to understand patterns and trends over time.” —Reed

Best Cardio App

Training App

“The app tells you how hard each class is going to be on a rating of one to 10, what equipment you need, and what the set list is, so you come into each workout prepared, excited, and ready to crush it,” says Currie Engel, WH news and features editor, who PRed during a marathon last year using Peloton’s marathon-training program.

Best Treadmill App


A basic treadmill, bike, or elliptical sesh is tedious no more thanks to this app and stunning videos to make the miles zoom by. Plus, you can download each video, so no need to worry about wifi that can’t keep pace with your legs.

Best Wearable For Newbies


The new AI coaching feature lets you get customized answers to all your training Qs (think: “Give me an eight-week 5K-training plan for beginners”). The updated wearable also now accounts for yoga, barre, and Pilates workouts to give you even more accurate strain scores.

Best Strength-Training App


“The coaches are best in class, and I love that you can easily switch teams if you ever hit a motivation or results slow down. Plus, the app is constantly rolling out new, super-helpful, yesssss features, like logs for tracking your reps and volume, which means it just gets better over time.” —Plosser

therabody theragun sense

Getty Images

Best Workout Accessories

Best Anti-Chafing Balm

For Her

“This is my always-buy-again product because it works for preventing blisters and chafing anywhere on the bod in the sweatiest endurance challenges.” —Nied

Best Joint Recovery Tool


Firefly Recovery Strips

Now 15% Off

“My on-again, off-again running routine was not knee-friendly this year, but these wearable recovery bands relieved pain. The little bands increase circulation and blood flow, leading to fewer muscle aches and better recovery.” —Nied

Best Pain-Relief Lotion

Warm Lotion

Effective pain relief doesn’t have to come with a chemical or medicinal scent. This warming lotion is proof and offers long-lasting ache-axing power.

Best Percussion Massager Accessory

Myo Mount

This hands-free wall mount for your percussion massager is truly genius for pounding out upper back knots that were unreachable previously.

Best Recovery Mat

Rock Mat

Rock your recovery with this lightweight, foldable foam mat that simulates the sensation of small smooth stones underfoot. It targets the more than 200,000 nerve endings in the feet with pressure to boost proprioception, balance, stability, and circulation.

Best Stretching Wedges

Foam Wedges

“Here lies the antidote to tight calves if you’re a runner, avid walker, or enjoy wearing heels. These foam wedges can be used as a handy tool for stretching out your calves or improving your squat form and depth.” —Yu

Best Massage Gun

Theragun Sense

Therabody Theragun Sense

Now 17% Off

“All the vibration tech that we’ve loved for years in a quieter, lighter package with bonus breath work and app guidance to welcome anyone into percussion therapy safely.” —Nied

Best Heated Massage Gun

Heated Head Attachment

Hyperice Heated Head Attachment

The newest addition to Hyperice’s products is the heated head attachment, which is “the best addition,” says Tatiana Lampa, CPT. “It feels amazing and makes a difference in recovery.” (It’s compatible with all Hypervolt massage gun models.)

Best Wireless Earbuds


Wireless earbuds that actually stay put? Believe it. The over-the-ear hook keeps these little guys in place even through high-impact motion, and you can still hear your surroundings enough to run safely.

Headshot of Jacqueline Andriakos

Jacqueline Andriakos is the Executive Health & Fitness Director at Women’s Health, where she oversees all health and fitness content across and the print magazine. She has more than five years of experience writing and editing in the wellness space and has contributed to national publications including TIME,, Health, Real Simple, and People. Jacqueline is also certified in personal training by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). 

Headshot of Jennifer Nied

Jennifer Nied is the fitness editor at Women’s Health and has more than 10 years of experience in health and wellness journalism. She’s always out exploring—sweat-testing workouts and gear, hiking, snowboarding, running, and more—with her husband, daughter, and dog. 

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