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In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • When will we see Mazda’s next minivan?
  • The best luxury EV so far, and…
  • Bring on BYD?

The first question comes from a fan who wants to know when we will see Mazda’s next minivan.

Q: (Via: RE: Production on Mazda’s next minivan.

I remember a long time ago that you owned a Mazda 5 minivan and still talk about how good it is. I have a 2005 that serves as a third vehicle for my family. Such a great people mover that has lasted two decades and still drives well. I wonder if we will see a new minivan in our market.

Do you know?

– AMesiles

A: Howdy!

Yes, I did own a Mazda 5, and it was a fantastic young family vehicle. Honestly, it was ideal (and still is) for those who want or need something smaller than a standard minivan. Sadly, there appears to be no plans to bring a modern version of the Mazda 5, or MPV to our shores anytime soon.

I think one of the main issues is American, and even worldwide preferences for crossovers and SUVs. Now, in other markets, the successor to the Mazda 5 and Mazda MPV are out there. China and Malaysia (among other markets) still see modern interpretations of these people movers. Those vehicles are not meant for our market.

By the way, the images you’re seeing above are from the 1987 Mazda Pair concept. It was a micro-minivan that was “paired” with a micro trailer. I remember seeing that as a kid, thinking that it was super cool.

I think that, if anything, Mazda would only consider a minivan if it were done in partnership with Toyota. If that were the case, then there might be a chance, but even that possibility is doubtful. Things could change as Mazda begins to adapt to more electrification.

We’ll see.

– N

The next question comes from my friend, who’s curious about my favorite luxury EVs I’ve driven this year.

Q: (Paraphrased from a conversation): Which luxury EV is your favorite that you’ve driven this year?

Yes, this is based on the fact that we’re only a few months into 2024.

– Old Friend

A: Hi there!

Two stand out to me, but one is (perhaps) a step below the “luxury” badge.

First up is the 2023 Genesis GV70 EV. I recently drove one all over Southern California, from San Diego to Ventura, and many points in between. It was fabulous, and gave me all of the joy of driving its internal combustion brother – without the guilt or expense.

Power, comfort and driving character were comparable to anything BMW or Mercedes-Benz build, with more grace and less of the garish bodywork of the Germans. Remarkable car, with only a few faults. I suppose its range (just over 230-miles) is a bit underwhelming for a car in this league, and the back seat is tight too.

If you were to ask me, “which EV would you buy – with your own money?” The Genesis GV70 EV is right up there… but a bit too pricy for the likes of me.

This was the actual GV70 EV I drove. It spent a lot of time at chargers, because the public charging in California is embarrassing. The car itself was epic.

I only disliked one thing: California’s charging infrastructure.

Yep, it sucked charging a car in the one state that is dead-set on making everyone drive an electric vehicle. Genesis held up their end of the bargain, with a 350-kW, 800V DC EV Ultra-Fast Charger… which is kind-a useless in SoCal. I could not find a SINGLE fast charger that could even surpass 150-kW. Not one. Even if it was listed as a “350-kW” fast charger, not a single one came close.

… and none of that is Genesis’ fault.

The other vehicle is the 2023 Volvo XC40 Recharge. Another vehicle that can’t quite compete with Tesla in terms of range, but it trounces the brand with character. Like the Genesis, it’s as easy to drive as its internal-combustion brethren, and a hoot to drive in general. I love the layout, and there are only minor grips.

I like having a start button, and a little more range would be nice. Other than that, it’s just the right ticket for someone who wants a taste of luxury mixed in with some logic and a hint of whimsey.

– N

The last question/statement comes from a viewer who doesn’t like my attitude with the Chinese automaker BYD.

Q: What is it with you being so welcoming to Chinese car builders coming here?

I heard your comment about BYD building cars in Mexico and selling them in America. Doesn’t it seem weird that you are a “journalist” and a cheerleader for communist cars? Want Americans to lose their jobs? Do you think they can build them better than us? Better than Tesla? Why are you so pro-China?

– B.Bailey

A: I can see why you’re confused, so let me clear this up.

I don’t care where the car was made… if it means consumers get a good product. Period.

I don’t care if it was built using unicorn horns and the teardrops of leprechauns – as long as it’s a quality vehicle at a good price. If the Chinese build a better car and sell it here…I’m all for it.

Oh, and here’s some news for you: IF it’s a good product for less, then other automakers will be forced to produce better vehicles for less money too. It’s that simple. North American workers will have to build a BYD product, or… do you mind that they will be built in Mexico?

See, I don’t care if they’re from Atlantis or Neverland, as long as people get a good car.

I am not here to push anyone’s political or ideological agenda. Nope! Build a good car and I will back it.


– N

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