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A CAR enthusiast has scored a sought-after Bentley SUV for pennies on the dollar after spotting an easy fix at an auction.

In a YouTube video, the new Bentley owner explained how he paid 40% for the luxury SUV before fixing the part for free.

A car enthusiast purchased a Bentley for 40% the original price


A car enthusiast purchased a Bentley for 40% the original priceCredit: YouTube/Samcrac
The SUV had an 'inoperable' problem - but the YouTuber fixed it for free


The SUV had an ‘inoperable’ problem – but the YouTuber fixed it for freeCredit: YouTube/Samcrac

“When this Bentley arrived on the back of a transport truck, its front suspension was lifted as high as it goes,” the YouTuber, Sam (@Samcrac), said in a post.

Sam purchased a Bentley Bentayga SUV, a nearly $240,000 vehicle, for 60% off at an auction.

The Bentayga was Sam’s second Bentley. The first, a Continental GT, had electric issues running throughout the car, he said.

However, he had to snag the Bentayga deal.

“I swore I’d never do this again,” he said about his first Bentley.

“But when a deal is this good, you buy now and think later.”

The car was marked down after damages had made the vehicle’s air suspension “inoperable.”

A Bentayga’s air suspension enables drivers to select different ride heights, adapting to various driving scenarios such as off-road conditions, high-speed cruising, or entering and exiting the vehicle.

The equipment is also meant to smooth bumps in the road for car occupants.

This feature enhances comfort, stability, and overall driving performance.

Bentley that was once ‘one of the fastest cars in the world’ selling for £128,000… but there’s a catch

However, Sam’s new Bentayga was pitched forward because the system was broken.

“With these systems comes a lot of extra complication that is notoriously expensive,” Sam said.

“Since this Bentley isn’t really that old and the auction photo showed it sitting super low, I figured it just popped an air shock or two after running over something.”

But, to Sam’s surprise, the back of the SUV was propped up by the air suspension, while the front of the car slumped.

Looking under the front of the car, Sam found two wires dangling from the undercarriage.

“They’re level sensors, and the way they work is simple,” Sam said.

“This link should be connected to a control arm.”

When connected, the sensors can communicate data with the air suspension system that adjusts the ride height.

Without the link properly engaged, the air suspension system stopped working.

Sam said he called a small business owner who modifies suspensions.

The business owner sent Sam the proper fastening clip for the Bentley for free.

After installing the new clips, Sam said the SUV drove well on its air suspension system.

The auctioned luxury truck was effectively his after making a substantial money-saving move.

Sam ended the video, noting that the car was not in total working condition.

The air conditioning was blowing hot air, he said.

After purchasing a car maintenance manual for the Bentayga, he said air conditioning system issues were “common” in the lineup of cars.

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