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Watch: Kerala Auto Driver's Fluent English Impresses UK Tourist

In the digital age, learning a language is just a click away. Many vendors and public transport drivers speak English fluently to attract tourists. In a similar instance, a video of an auto rickshaw driver speaking fluent English and helping a tourist has gone viral on social media. British vlogger Zakky was in Kerala recently when he was confronted with an unfortunate situation.  He needed cash to check out of the motel where he was staying because the card machine had stopped working. Unacquainted with the city, he chose to walk along the main road that goes to Fort Kochi. At this point, he met Ashraf, an auto driver, who offered to assist him in finding an ATM. Ashraf’s generosity and English proficiency were captured in a video that has garnered a lot of positive feedback from users.

The video was shared by the content creator on Instagram. In the clip, Zakky asks Ashraf to get her if he knows of any ATMs nearby. Ashraf informs him about the same in fluent English. Later, he asks the tourist if he would like to go for sightseeing. However, he refuses. Ashraf then invites him to sit in his auto for a complimentary ride to the ATM. The tourist was impressed by Ashraf’s hospitality and thanked him for the same. 

Sharing his experience, Ashraf wrote on social media, “I was really struggling with the midday heat when an auto driver called out to me on the road in India. The problem was that the hotel I’d booked, card machine stopped working so they told me to go to an ATM. I had no idea where the ATM was so I embarked on the main road that leads to Fort Kochi but I really wasn’t in the best condition for it.”

“Ashraf noticed me and called out asking if I needed a ride. At first, I was hesitant but after a brief conversation I realized he was friendly. Since I knew he had local knowledge, it made sense to just go with it though I was uneasy about being told the ATM wasn’t working. It might have been true that it wasn’t working but I’m aware enough that sometimes there are tricks at play,” he added. 

He also added that during the ride they passed by a SBI ATM which had people standing around it. However, Ashraf said it wasn’t working. Later, he found out that it was working. Zakky added he was this was the best English he had heard from an auto driver and language barriers in the past prevented him from getting an auto ride.

“In all fairness to Ashraf, he is clearly a hardworking man and generally was very honest. I asked him not to wait for me outside the ATM even though he clearly wanted to take me sightseeing and he fully honoured my request – when I left the ATM, he had gone,” he concluded the post.

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 12 million views and six lakh likes on the platform.

“Kerala, where even auto guys speak English,” said a user.

A second said, “SBI not working is constant in any part of the country.”

“His accent is similar to Brazilian English,” stated another person.

“The guy is really showing unconditional love,” said a user.

A fifth commented, “This brother’s English is far better than mine.”

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