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Starting from around $79,000 in China, the Li Auto Mega offers a range of 441 miles per charge and includes a built-in fridge

 Li Auto Mega EV Is A 5.5 Second Sleeper That Recoups 311 Miles In 12 Minutes

Almost a decade since its debut in the Chinese market in 2015, and after exclusively peddling ‘extended range’ electric vehicles driven by a gasoline engine, Li Auto has finally rolled out its very first fully electric car. Dubbed the Mega for very obvious reasons, the EV stands tall as a multipurpose passenger vehicle (MPV), or as we’d humorously label it here in North America, a king-size minivan.

Priced from 559,800 yuan, equivalent to about US$78,700 at current exchange rates, the Mega targets affluent families in China. This hefty price tag is nearly double that of General Motor’s base, ICE-powered Buick GL8 minivan, which reigns as China’s best-seller in the segment. However, it matches the price of Buick’s flagship GL8 Century MPV.

Among other things, Li Auto boasts that the Mega is the world’s largest mass-produced passenger electric vehicle, measuring 5,350mm (210.6 inches) in length, 1,965mm (77.4 inches) in width, and 1,850mm (72.8 inches) in height, with a wheelbase of 3300mm (129.9 inches). We’re not entirely sure that this claim holds true, even though apparently Li Auto excludes electric trucks from the equation. For perspective, the Rolls Royce Spectre EV, though technically not a mass-produced model, outstrips the Mega in length at 5,453 mm (214.7 inches).

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Despite its gargantuan size, the Mega, dubbed by Li Auto as a “highway bullet train” owing to its streamlined bullet-style shape, doesn’t appear cumbersome. This is partly attributed to its sleek front end, reminiscent of the Hyundai Staria minivan. Additionally, it boasts an impressive drag coefficient of 0.215 Cd.

Inside, the Mega offers comfortable seating for seven passengers in a 2+2+3 layout. Li Auto takes advantage of its generous interior space by fitting sofa-like seats with built-in massagers, providing passengers with luxurious travel experiences. Furthermore, to ensure occupants stay refreshed during their journey, the vehicle comes equipped with a built-in fridge.

And passengers may find the refreshments handy, considering the Mega’s impressive range of up to 441 miles (710 km) per charge, courtesy of batteries supplied by CATL. Perhaps more impressive is how quickly it can recharge. Li Auto claims the MPV will be able to recover 311 miles (500 km) of energy in just 12 minutes.

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Despite allegedly being the largest (or at least, most spacious) mass-produced passenger EV on earth, Li Auto claims that the Mega can accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in as little as 5.5 seconds. Like the Chinese brand’s other vehicles, it will also come with a range of advanced driver assistance features.

Given the Mega’s impressive metrics, it will hardly be a surprise that it’s being marketed to well-heeled buyers, and prices for it start at 559,800 yuan (US$78,700). And that may be a savvy choice. According to the China Passenger Car Association, sales of MPVs were up 15.9 percent in 2023. While it remains a relatively niche market, the Mega will help Li Auto to build its reputation among wealthy buyers.

However, the company is entering the EV market as growth slows. Bloomberg reports that while sales of fully electric vehicles expanded by 96 percent in 2022, and 36 percent in 2023, they are expected to grow by just 25 percent in 2024.

The introduction of the model comes at a crucial juncture for the automaker, which achieved profitability for the first time in 2023. Li Auto has slated the commencement of Mega deliveries for March 11.

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