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  • The Grand Theft Auto franchise primarily focuses on criminal activities and lacks lawfully good characters.
  • Isiah Friedlander and Ken Rosenberg are two lawfully good characters in the GTA series, showing loyalty and helping the protagonists.
  • Denise Clinton, Franklin’s tough aunt, tries to keep him away from a life of crime, making her a lawfully good character in the game.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is home to a series of video games that allow players to take control of criminals and cause chaos in an open-world city. What’s more, the story missions in these games normally focus on killing people on behalf of someone else, engaging in gang violence, running drugs, or destroying property. As a result, there are very few lawfully good characters in this series.


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The term “lawfully good” is used on the morality scale in several tabletop role-playing games. It is used to refer to characters who are morally good and orderly. This means that a lawfully good character will not betray those they are working alongside and will never harm the innocent. Anyone who has played a GTA game in the past will know that the series does not implement this type of character often. However, those who look hard enough will find that some lawfully good characters do exist.

5 Isiah Friedlander

A Duty Bound Therapist

GTA 5 Isiah Friedlander

Grand Theft Auto 5

September 17, 2013

Rockstar North

Isiah Friedlander only has a brief appearance in GTA 5, which is probably one of the reasons why he can be considered lawfully good. Little of Isiah’s home life is revealed in the game, but he works well as Michael’s therapist and also when he has to work with the rest of the protagonist’s family. He may be willing to offer a few sarcastic comments from time to time in his cutscenes with Michael, but everything else about Isiah’s behavior in this game is lawfully good.

Firstly, he had to work hard to help Michael when he was at his worst. Secondly, there is a good chance that Isiah Friedlander knows a lot about Michael’s seedy criminal past. As such, he is sure to make a lot more money by selling these secrets to the protagonist’s enemies or law enforcement than as an hourly therapist. Still, Isiah does his job and remains loyal to his client. He is even willing to step in and help the rest of the family when he is called.

4 Ken Rosenberg

A Cowardly Lawyer Who Deserves More Credit

Ken Rosenberg in GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

October 29, 2002

This character is one of the first NPCs that players will meet when playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Ken Rosenberg is depicted as a cowardly lawyer who is sent to help Tommy Vercetti perform a specific transaction when the protagonist is first sent to Vice City. When this deal goes wrong, Rosenberg flees with Tommy and even stays to help him find out who betrayed them.

While none of these actions seem to paint Ken Rosenberg in a lawfully good light, there is a heroic side to him that often goes overlooked. This is true even when Ken spends the majority of the early game hiding under his desk. However, he remains loyal to Tommy during this time. It is easy to see Rosenberg betraying his friend for an easier life, but he doesn’t. Plus, Ken is never seen harming anyone physically and is even brave enough to suggest that Tommy avoid doing the same in some situations.

3 Denise Clinton

Franklin’s Tough Aunt

GTA V - Trevor and Denise

While it isn’t a difficult achievement to earn, Franklin Clinton is seen as the least morally reprehensible of the three main protagonists in GTA 5. This is largely due to the fact that he was raised by a tough aunt, who was not keen on criminal activity going on in her neighborhood. She had to raise Franklin in a poor part of the city, where young men are often drawn into a life of crime. She tries her best to keep her nephew on a straight path, even shouting at Lamar and Trevor on occasion.


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Unfortunately, the life of crime offered to Franklin by Michael is more appealing, and he leaves his aunt’s house behind. Still, Franklin would not have become the streetwise man he is without being raised by Denise’s tough hand.

2 Michelle / Karen Daniels

An Undercover Enemy

GTA IV. Michelle and Niko

There are few fans of the GTA franchise who actually like Michelle. This woman is first introduced in GTA 4 as a friend of Niko’s cousin’s girlfriend, and she and Niko go on a date at the start of the game. Naturally, Niko grows quite fond of Michelle, but she is later revealed to be an undercover cop who is trying to get close to the protagonist and his criminal allies.


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This reveal instantly puts Michelle in a negative light where fans of Niko and Roman are concerned, but she hasn’t done all that wrong. In terms of being lawfully good, Michelle chooses to go after Niko to help further the objectives of the law enforcement agents who employ her. Also, she does not hurt anyone while trying to get to Niko. She may be seen as a villain in the game, but Michelle is one of the few characters in the series trying to make the city a better place.

1 Kate McReary

Niko’s Main Love Interest

Maureen and Kate McReary in GTA 4

After the player has the rug pulled out from under them with the reveal about Michelle in GTA 4, the game then starts to set up Kate McReary as a potential love interest for Niko. The protagonist starts working with Kate’s brothers as a part of the main story, and one of them respects Niko so much that they start trying to set him up with her.

Kate is then introduced as a new romantic option, but she remains firm in the fact that she does not want to endorse any criminal activities that her brothers are involved in. She also makes it clear that she does not want to be with Niko if he carries on with his current line of work. This sentiment is made even more clear by the game’s two ending options. If players listen to Kate and do not exact revenge on Niko’s enemy, Dimitri, then she will break up with him and refuse any further contact. However, killing Dimitri results in a scenario where Kate is killed in a drive-by shooting. Either way, Kate McReary remains a lawfully good character in GTA and is even trying to help Niko Bellic live a similar life, even though it doesn’t last long.


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