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BitLife, the versatile text-based life simulation game, has introduced a new task that’s catching players’ attention worldwide. Called the GTL challenge, it requires players to guide their characters through a series of unique and quirky missions, including being born in New Jersey, hitting the gym precisely once post-18, indulging in a spray tan, undergoing a specific cosmetic surgery, and owning a luxury vehicle. This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough to navigate through the challenge successfully, ensuring players can claim their well-deserved prize.

Creating Your New Jerseyan

Embarking on the GTL challenge begins with the simple step of creating a male character born in New Jersey. This initial task sets the stage for the unique journey ahead, involving peculiar yet entertaining activities designed to immerse players in the BitLife universe. By selecting ‘New Jersey’ as the birthplace, players kickstart their quest, ready to dive into the subsequent, more nuanced challenges.

Navigating Life’s Milestones

Progressing through early life without gym visits is crucial until the character reaches adulthood at 18. This deliberate avoidance of fitness routines paves the way for the singular, all-important gym visit that marks the character’s transition into fulfilling the GTL criteria. Following this, players must navigate to the Salon and Spa section within their Activities menu to opt for a spray tan, symbolizing another step closer to challenge completion. The penultimate task involves a visit to the Plastic Surgery tab, where characters undergo a specific cosmetic procedure, adding an element of risk and anticipation to the gameplay.

Living the Luxe Life

The culmination of the GTL challenge involves acquiring a symbol of luxury and success—a Lamborghini. This step not only marks the achievement of completing the quirky tasks set forth but also reflects the character’s financial success within the game. Players must strategize and manage their in-game finances wisely to afford this luxury car, blending life simulation with financial planning and goal setting.

As the GTL challenge offers a limited-time opportunity, players are encouraged to dive into this engaging task, bringing together elements of strategy, life choices, and a touch of whimsy unique to the BitLife experience. Completing the challenge not only offers rewards but also showcases the diverse gameplay possibilities within BitLife, encouraging players to explore, experiment, and enjoy the myriad paths their virtual lives can take.

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