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It was a scene straight out of the high life as Nigerian skitmaker, popularly known as Twin OBO, recently celebrated the purchase of a new luxury vehicle, a Lexus. Twin OBO, known for his striking resemblance to the renowned Nigerian artist David ‘Davido’ Adeleke, took to Instagram to showcase his new car, which he humorously referred to as his ‘Maybach’, mirroring Davido’s luxury vehicle. The celebration comes amidst an economically challenging period in Nigeria, highlighting a trend among rising skitmakers who continue to invest in luxury vehicles.

From Mercedes Benz to Lexus

Just a few months after purchasing a Mercedes Benz, Twin OBO is back in the spotlight with his new Lexus. In a post on Instagram, he unveiled his new acquisition and asked his followers to help him offset the high fuel costs associated with the luxury car. The post quickly went viral, prompting a variety of reactions from social media users.

Public Reactions and Comparisons

The announcement sparked an array of reactions from fans and followers. While some admired Twin OBO’s achievements, others drew comparisons to other celebrity lookalikes. One Instagram user commented on the post, highlighting the disparity between Twin OBO’s success and the struggles faced by another celebrity lookalike. ‘I never see any fake Wizkid wey don buy car, the one we get for LASU sef just dey struggle with life’, the user wrote.

Yielding Success in a Tough Economy

Despite the challenging economic situation in Nigeria, Twin OBO is not the only skitmaker making headlines for acquiring luxury vehicles. Another skitmaker, Peller, also recently made a splash on social media after allegedly purchasing a Mercedes Benz SUV. The trend raises questions about the financial success of skitmakers in a struggling economy, as they continue to invest in high-end vehicles, seemingly unaffected by the current financial climate.

While the public reacts with a mix of amusement, envy, and admiration, it’s clear that Twin OBO, and other skitmakers like him, are carving out a unique niche in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s through their humorous content or their luxury purchases, they remain a topic of conversation, keeping the public’s attention firmly focused on their exploits.

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