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Key Takeaways

  • Bentley Bentayga offers customization through Mulliner, creating unique, personalized models.
  • The ‘Kingfisher’ Bentayga EWB features a bold two-tone paint job with unique black and blue accents.
  • Mulliner collaborations are increasingly popular, with 75% of Bentleys incorporating their content.

The Bentley Bentayga isn’t lacking in presence or features – the premium SUV follows the same formula as other luxury cars in the segment. It offers a wide array of trim levels and customization. For those who want something bespoke though, there’s Mulliner. Originally a coach builder, this brand is now the personal commissioning arm of Bentley.

They can make things happen, for a price. Like this one-of-a-kind Bentley Bentayga EWB (Extra WheelBase), ‘curated’ by Mulliner, and conceived as a joint effort between the customers and the Mulliner designers. Bentley says this process was thorough, but ultimately, Mulliner brought forward the ‘two-tone’ option by 12 months for all customers to enjoy from today.

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Introducing The ‘Kingfisher’ Bentayga EWB By Mulliner In Two-Tone

Bentley Customers Want More Mulliner

  • Mulliner offers unique finishes and color combinations
  • In 2023, Bentley experienced a 43 % year-on-year increase in Mulliner customer commissions.
  • 75 % of all new Bentleys feature Mulliner customization

Bentley’s Bentayga is an imposing SUV, offered in both the extra wheelbase format and the standard one. It also offers a strong 4-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 powerplant with 542 hp / 558 lb-ft. Non-EWB versions also offer a hybrid with 456 hp / 516 lb-ft. The customers who specced this model with Mulliner chose the Azure model, and from there personalized the car with the paint scheme above.

A two-tone paint job was eventually chosen with Kingfisher blue on the main body panels and 22″ wheels, which contrasts with Onyx black on the hood, roof, and tailgate. Blackline and Touring packs also influence the overall effect.

Gloss black appears on the grille, air intakes, and rear diffuser. The rear privacy glass and Bentley lettering deletion add to the car’s presence. A Bentayga in this color scheme is an interesting choice – it does away with the refined, grown-up nature of many Bentleys and creates a loud statement. That loud statement will be seen driving around Irvine, California very soon.

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This One-Of-One Bentley Bentayga EWB Interior Is Radical

Mulliner Customization Offers Stunning Colors

  • The first-ever two-tone Bentayga EWB will be adopted as a factory option
  • Offers a stunning combination of Kingfisher, Mandarin, and Imperial Blue
  • The personal commission co-curated between the customer and Mulliner

It’s not for everyone, but the interior of the Peck’s Bentayga is not an accident. It also got conceived during the lengthy design sessions between the customers and Mulliner’s design manager Phill Dean and every splash of color is intentional.

Just like the Kingfisher of the avian variety, it blends Imperial blue and Mandarin across the upholstery and trims. Some more Kingfisher accents also appear in tactical places. It’s hard to ignore the quality and design of the Bentayga’s fit and finish, with touches like the door panels and seat stitching revealing how far above mass-market cars the Bentayga is. A “one-of-one for the (customer name)” badge adds even more to exclusivity, although that might be interesting for the next owner. This particular badge confirms this luxury car is for the Pecks, and the Pecks alone.

Interestingly – and somewhat unsurprisingly – the brand also reveals that 75% of all Bentleys now feature Mulliner content. 2023 also saw a 43% increase in Mulliner commissions over last year, itself a record year. It’s hard to ignore the likelihood that for some, the color scheme (especially the interior) could lose its appeal over time. But the option exists for the expression of personal taste thanks to Mulliner, and more choice is seldom a bad thing.

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