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Car power inverters are an incredibly useful item to have in your vehicle. They specifically “invert” a car’s standard direct current (DC) 12-volt electricity supply to an alternating current (AC), which is the same as a household socket. However, most vehicles depend on direct currents to power all their onboard electronics, including the cigarette lighter/accessory socket and the USB charging ports for your mobile gadgets.

That’s because those electrical systems draw directly from the battery, hence being called direct current, while the alternator, which is an alternating current, only supplies electricity to the battery. Additionally, cigarette lighter sockets are capped to only supply anywhere between 12-14 volts at up to 10 amps, while USB ports are capped at much lower amperage. Standard vehicle outlets are not powerful enough to power anything beyond portable mobile electronics.

Power inverters help to not only convert the electrical current for more powerful electronics, but they also amplify the wattage to power these items. Some can produce enough wattage to power a laptop or even a high-powered portable flood light from just a 12-volt car accessory socket. Heavier duty and more powerful inverters require direct connections to automotive batteries simply because the 12-volt cigarette lighter isn’t enough.

To help narrow down the choices, we’ve created a small list of some of the best car power inverters you can buy.

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