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CES 2024: Check out these amazing gadgets

The Consumer Electrics Show (CES) is one of the biggest tech events in the world and the 2024 event is no different.

Held in Las Vegas big brands have already started showing off their latest gadgets and inventions.

The first CES happened in 1967, and over the years thousands of products have been unveiled at the show – including satellite radio, Microsoft Xbox and 3D printers.

This year, CES 2024 runs from 9-12 January.

Loads of cool new technology has already been announced so far, including these products that could change the way we live in the home.

A transparent TV

It could be that having a large rectangular box in the corner of a room or on a wall will soon be a thing of the past.

Tech manufacturer LG have revealed their latest innovation – televisions that you can see through.

Unveiling a wireless 77-inch transparent TV called the OLED T, the set is designed to look like a clear pane of glass when it isn’t in use.

It means the television can be placed at the centre of the room and, when in use, viewers can either keep it see-through – like a window that’s playing a movie on it – or turn on a background filter, so the wall behind it is no longer visible.

The TV also includes various screensavers such as a life-like fish tank.

The company has not yet announced a price for the TV, but it’s expected to be expensive, costing tens of thousands of pounds.

The robot companion

AI (artificial intelligence) is set to be a big part of CES2024 and LG have also announced the launch of a smart home robot companion.

The little bot doesn’t have a name yet, but LG says the little droid which is so far been described as ‘Smart Home AI Agent’ will be able to roam freely to help around the house.

From being able to keep an eye on pets, with a real-time camera while you’re out, to monitoring things like temperature and air quality, LG say the little bot can recognise human emotions and will tell its owners if it finds any issues inside the home.

AI smart fridge recommends recipes based on the items inside it

Have you ever been told off by your grown-ups for opening fresh food when there’s something in the fridge that needs eating before its best before date?

Well, South Korean manufacturer, Samsung has revealed a new fridge that it says uses AI technology that can help.

The company says the fridge is able to accurately recognise up to 33 different foods and owners can manually enter best before dates so that the fridge can track and notify you of ingredients to use first.

It can also connect with a food app, displaying potential meals you can make from the contents inside the fridge on the appliance’s video screen. If you’re missing that one all-important ingredient, the fridge can also order it for you.

We’re hoping at CES next year there’ll be a fridge that can even do the cooking and washing-up for you! We wish!

Gaming: Non-playable characters that can ‘think’

American software company Nvidia has teamed up with AI developers Convai to reveal non-playable characters (NPCs) controlled by AI in video games.

The technology will allow NPCs to interact with players and their environments in a completely natural way.

It means that if you are, for example, playing an open-world video game where you did something within the environment, the NPC would react completely spontaneously to your actions, whereas before, any reaction would have been scripted and programmed by game developers.

According to Nvidia and Convai, these AI-powered characters will be able to “display emotional awareness, and engage in organic interactions.”

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