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Here are some of the coolest and wackiest gadgets from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

C Seed N1 folding TV

1. C Seed N1 foldable TV

If Dermot Bannon was a billionaire, this might be something he’d like to have in his home.

The 137-inch ultra high-end N1 TV from C Seed folds over to become something akin to a bench. The folding and unfolding process takes around two minutes at the touch of a button. That’s not all: the screen itself can rotate 180 degrees to face a different direction. It will set you back around €180,000, including installation and set up.

Samsung Flex In and Out Flip phone

2. Samsung’s fold-both-ways phone

Samsung has the lead in foldable phones right now. Its latest concept device, called the Flex In & Out Flip, lets you fold the phone either in or out. This means that the 6.7-inch vertical display can be folded in half with the main screen on the outside, allowing you to keep using it. While just a concept for now, it might offer a glimpse into how Samsung is thinking for the future of foldable phones.

LG see-through TV

3. See-through tellies

An actual see-through telly is just about ready for the market now. They’ve been on display for a few years as concepts, but LG says that it’s now ready to release one later this year. The idea is that it changes the room’s aesthetic from a space with a giant black slap to something with a little discreet, even elegant; LG’s 77-inch model presents itself as a “fish tank” when transparent.

Mercedes MBUX in-car virtual assistant

4. ChatGPT in your car

We’ve become used to Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant in our cars. Now Volkswagen is going a step further, incorporating ChatGPT. The car manufacturer says that this can provide “enriched” conversations between automobile and passenger. VW is probably doing this as it’s relatively far behind rival manufacturers in software terms. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz put on display an upgrade to its own in-car virtual assistant, MBUX, to be able to do things like patch you in to a work meeting call if it sees from your calendar that you’re running late.

Honda Zero

5. New Electric cars

CES has increasingly become a place for announcing new, or enhanced, cars. While the self-driving craze of a few years ago has died down in hype, some interesting new models have been on show. Honda’s new series, called Honda Zero, looks a lot different to the cookie-cutter mini-SUV or Tesla saloon design of most electric cars released these days. Other than aesthetics, Honda’s vehicles are being positioned as more aerodynamic due to being lighter and having a lower floor.

Asus ZenBook Duo dual-screen laptop

6. Asus dual-screen laptop

Ever miss your dual-monitor setup when you’re travelling? Asus’s Zenbook Duo folds out to give you two 14-inch 3K Oled displays with a 120Hz refresh rate. Folded out, that equates, vertically, to the equivalent of a 20-inch display. The keyboard is a Bluetoothth-connected one with its own trackpad, although you can also just use one of the displays if you prefer.

7. Wearable-display smart glasses

While all the razzle dazzle of CES is going on, Apple announced that its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is being released for sale next month in the US. Apple’s activity has somewhat re-energised the ‘wearable display’ market, including this effort from Asus at CES. The AirVision M1 glasses can show you video and other content on 1080p Micro Oled display inside the glasses. The content is played from your phone or other gadget. The glasses also have built-in speakers and a touchpad on one of the stems to adjust the virtual display.

8. Skyted privacy mask

CES always throws up some weird stuff. The Skyted mask (€550 later this year) fits neatly into that category. However, it could suit someone who’s either paranoid or conscientious about being overheard when having phone or Zoom conversations. The idea is to allow private conversations in public by putting this large device over the lower part of your head. It claims to completely cut out your voice to the outside world. In normal circumstances, this might be considered ridiculous. But in a year when Apple is launching a giant cranial strap-on of its own, it may not seem so outlandish.

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