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DRIVERS were completely unaware their key fob concealed a free gadget hidden inside it – but you’ll need a strong hand to get to it.

The TikTok user known as @melvinleedavis took to the social media site to reveal all to his 3,200 followers.

Melvin has some difficulty prising the panel off the key fobCredit: Tiktok / @melvinleedavis
His effort is worth it as there is a little metal gadget insideCredit: Tiktok / @melvinleedavis

At the beginning of the clip, the former US military instructor pilot can be seen prising open his car key fob and using quite a bit of force to take off the panel.

Hidden inside is a small metal bar which can also be removed.

The small metal bar turns out to be a key to open the car.

However, this is a problem in itself though as once the hidden key is inserted into the lock it’s actually difficult to turn to open the door.

Melvin said: “It digs into your hand pretty hard when you try to turn it, which makes it pretty difficult to unlock.”

However, there is a solution to the problem and it is also part of the key fob.

Melvin said that all you have to do is “line up the t-shape” in the fob with the actual key and slot it in.

Now, he said, all you have to do is “give it a light turn” and with very little effort the door opens.

The clip clearly struck a chord with viewers as it has been viewed more than 26,000 times and picking up over 1,300 likes.

Some commentators were clearly unware of this cunning hack.

One person simply wrote: “What?”

While another who appeared not to fully understand what was going on, said: “What an inconvenient way to get in your own car.”

Although in reply some explained: “Well, yeah, it’s a backup.”

Someone else seemed to already know all about the tip, adding: “That’s literally how it’s designed to work.”

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the metal gadget is actually a key to unlock the car door but as it’s so small it is difficult to turnCredit: Tiktok / @melvinleedavis
But the key fob can be slotted onto the hidden key so it’s easy to turnCredit: Tiktok / @melvinleedavis

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