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Not only does the Queen own the second most expensive car in the world, a £10 million Bentley limousine but she owns two of them. Bentleys are exclusive cars and can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, but what makes the Queen’s two so special?

The Queen’s wheels come second to the Sultan of Brunei’s gold-plated Rolls-Royce. Her Royal Highness is frequently spotted in her extravagant wheels. Bentley has previously said that both the Queen and the late Prince Phillip had significant input in the design of the car. For the interior, the Royals chose a high-end lambswool cloth for a comfortable seat covering.

One perk of being the Queen are the gifts you receive. She was gifted the two cars for her Golden Jubilee when she celebrated 50 years on the throne. The cars were designed with consideration to the public. For many people, the Royal car driving past might be their only glimpse of the Queen and so it was designed around a ‘panoramic glass house’ concept, offering great visibility from the outside.

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The cars are more than 80cm longer than normal but also wider and higher enough that the Queen can literally walk in and out of the car without having to stoop. Other bespoke features include a mount point on the roof to allow for an illuminated coat-of-arms and a pennant, flashing blue lights are fitted inside the radiator grille and on the front bumper, allowing the car to move through traffic quickly when necessary.

The cars were literally made to fit the Queen perfectly, including her handbags. The rear seats were determined to the Queen’s height and there is a special stowage for the Queen’s bags, designed using the dimensions of her favourite ones.

It’s not just comfort that is of importance but also safety. Being such a prominent figure means the Queen is at risk of attack therefore the cars have been built to protect her from all eventualities. The car’s bodywork and glass have been specially strengthened and the cabin is blast resistant, it can also be sealed air-tight in the case of a gas attack. Even the tyres have been reinforced with Kevlar to ensure it can be driven speed in an emergency situation.

Given all these features, it’s no wonder the cars are the second most expensive in the world. All they’re missing is some gold-plating.

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