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Release: February 28, 2024

The best vacuum robot for pet owners
Innovative New Vacuum Robot is Changing the Game

Say goodbye to tangled hair issues with the Dreame Vacuum Robot X30 Ultra. With hidden blades inside the main brush, this robotic not only cleans efficiently, but also cuts and transfers tangled hair to the dust bag. A game-changer, especially for pet owners, will hit the market on February 28, 2024.

Release: March 2024

Rabbit R1 — New AI assistant gadget
Rabbit R1 — Entering new era of assistants

March 2024 will mark the debut of the Rabbit R1, a hyped AI Assistant device that will help you perform different tasks without touching your phone. This innovative gadget syncs seamlessly with your mobile apps and performs tasks like calling a car automatically based on your location and home address, all with a simple voice command. This is just the beginning of many AI assistants coming out in the near future, so we are excited to see it in action.

Release: March 2024

New Smart Knife Gadget for Kitchen
369Sonic — Innovative Smart Kitchen Knife

This smart knife integrates ultrasonic technology to change the game for good! With over 50,000 micro-movements

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