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Do tangled wires and messy power strips plague your desk? You’re not alone. I don’t consider myself to be a neat freak, but keeping electronics organized is a constant battle.

I doubt you have as many gadgets plugged into your computer and an outlet as I do. There’s the computer, of course, an electric standup desk, and a computer monitor. Desk light, microphone, camera, assorted hard drives, a Google Nest Hub, panel lights (2), a light strip behind the monitor, a coffee cup warmer, iPad charger, SD card reader, speakers, and a USB desktop hub.

That means behind my desk there are over 20 cables and power cords gathering dust and getting in the way of my feet!

An annual spring cleaning project is getting underway: organizing the mess behind my desk.

If it’s the kind of thing you want to tackle there are some gadgets and tools to help get things organized.

First, take inventory of your equipment. What needs to be plugged into an outlet? This typically includes your computer, monitor, speakers, and external hard drives. Devices like cameras, microphones, and card readers connect directly to your computer’s USB ports.

For safety and convenience, turn off and unplug your computer before tackling the cables. Consider switching to wireless peripherals like a mouse and keyboard to free up USB ports and reduce wire clutter.

Invest in surge protectors: they safeguard your devices from electrical spikes. Choose a model with dedicated outlets for TVs, computers, and sound systems, like the Austere surge protector.

Next, get yourself a USB hub. This handy device expands your computer’s USB ports, allowing you to connect multiple devices with just one cable to your computer. I picked up one for about $20 that has 10 standard USB 3.0 ports, 3 fast charging ports, 2 USB-C ports, and a slot for SD cards.

Cable management is key! Utilize cable clips to secure wires along your desk or underneath it. Magnetic cable holders are another great way to keep cords from accumulating on your desktop.

For a truly minimalist look, use zip ties to bundle and shorten excess cable length. Simply wrap the wires together and snip off the remaining plastic tail.

I picked up two power strips and two wire racks or shelves that attach to the back of my computer desk. These require no drilling into the desk. They simply hang on the back to keep all of the cables in one place.

Once everything is connected to the USB hub and power strips, secure the wire racks to the back of your desk using the provided mounting hardware.

Consider a wireless phone charger for your desk, eliminating the need for another cable. If you need additional outlets, opt for a desktop charging hub that provides extra outlets and USB ports.

While eliminating every single cable might be unrealistic, following these steps will undoubtedly create a significantly tidier and more functional workspace.

Remember, your results may vary depending on the number of devices you use. But with a little effort, you can banish cable clutter and reclaim your desk real estate!

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