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The internet may be a harrowing and cold place at times, but we can always rely on solid cute content of our favourite fuzzy critters to warm our hearts.

The organisers of The Comedy Pet Photo Awards are dedicated to showing off the hilarity of our animal companions and have curated a list of 30 finalists who will move on to the next round of votes.

The team behind this heart-warming event, professional photographers Paul Joynson Hicks and Tom Sullam, want to highlight the silly things our pets do that “are absolute crackers to make you smile,” as well as raise awareness surrounding the rights of animals in general.

“The images were chosen for their photographic quality as well as their comedic value and are now subject to some serious scrutiny from the judges who are all expert animal lovers to pick the winner,” Hicks and Sullam gushed.

The lucky 30 finalists have been moved on to the People’s Choice Category, where the public can vote for the fuzzy four-legged pal that made them giggle the most. Open from May 10 to June 2, the votes will be tallied and one special animal-lover will win a £100 cash prize.

There’s almost too much hilarity to choose from when it comes to the final images, but we’ve selected our top eight must-see moments to give you that mid-week boost.

Coming in hot (or rather, cold?), is this powder-puff pooch who is passionate about parkour in all seasons.

Image: Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Who needs skis when you have such delightfully energetic form?

Next up is this snoot worth booping.

Image: Comedy Pet Photography Awards

This silky spaniel refuses to be bogged down by technicalities like “that’s a cat’s door” – when you’re this cute, you can use whichever entrance you like.

Another spaniel defying the laws of physics to make it into the finals is this chocolate miniature, suspended in time and space by sheer floofiness.

Image: Comedy Pet Photography Awards

We’ve got a feeling this one will garner plenty of votes – it’s the uncontrollable chuckles induced by the hyper-serious ‘pilot stare’ that bring in the extra points for us.

Just when you thought this competition was being steamrolled by ‘man’s best friend’, take a look at the next entry which features an unorthodox pet with the most delicate of palates.

Image: Comedy Pet Photography Awards

A whole new meaning to ‘plant-based diet’. I’ll have what she’s having!

Attention, the cats have now entered the chat. And while they have little to say, a vuilkyk over the fence goes a long way.

Image: Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Big points for poise and grace should go to this pair of nosey kitties. Plus they should get bumped up for the element of mystery this moment suggests. What are these kitties seeing? How did their lil torsos get so long??

You’ve gotta hand it to cats for the drama. Another pair of fine felines, this time a ginger and white tabby duo, also added mystique to the line-up.

Image: Comedy Pet Photography Awards

“Pss-ps-psss-ss… Don’t tell a soul.”

If the cats brought the drama this year, then the puppers definitely contributed by way of thousand-yard stares.

Image: Comedy Pet Photography Awards

You’ll have to convince me that this bearded beauty is not actually a soulful jazz musician trapped in a dog’s body. I’ll wait.

Last, but certainly not least, our hearts were pumping custard for this sleepy hamster high-five. That’s the face of a tummy full of seeds and happy hammy dreams.

Image: Comedy Pet Photography Awards

If this guy’s toe beans don’t get you through this week, I’m not sure what can!

If you want to keep this cute train going, check out the full list of finalists here.


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