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Ariana Madix is a loving dog and cat mama. And Tom Sandoval? He’s just a cheater.

Kelly Corbett - Author
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After nine years together, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval broke up in March 2023 following the news of his explosive affair with their Vanderpump Rules, costar Raquel Leviss.

Although Tom and Ariana were never married or started a family together, they had pets together. Or rather, Ariana had pets that Tom took partial ownership of when they began living together. But when their relationship ended, she got to regain all her fur babies.

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So, how many pets did Ariana and Tom have? Keep reading for everything we know about the four-legged friends who lived with them in their Los Angeles home.

Tom Sandoval (L) and Ariana Madix and their dog Charlotte attend the Lisa Vanderpump and The Vanderpump Dog Foundation's 3rd Annual World Dog Day at West Hollywood Park on May 19, 2018 in West Hollywood, California.
Source: Getty Images

Ariana, Tom, and Ariana’s late dog Charlotte at The Vanderpump Dog Foundation’s 3rd Annual World Dog Day at West Hollywood Park on May 19, 2018 in West Hollywood, Cali.

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Ariana Madix says ex Tom Sandoval was “insanely irresponsible” with her dog Mya.

In April 2020, Ariana and Tom adopted a gray and white pit mix rescue dog, which they named Mya Moon. When they split, it quickly became clear that although they got the dog together, Ariana was the dog’s main caretaker, and she would take Mya.

During Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, which began filming shortly after their breakup, Tom and Ariana were still cohabitating following their breakup as Ariana searched for a new home. And during this incredibly difficult time, there was an incident with Mya.

“We had some issues with our air conditioner so I had to go into the main bedroom and close the vents. The door got left open, and Mya went in there and ate some weird stuff,” he said to their friends, Tom Schwartz, Lala Kent, and James Kennedy. “Even on top of a couch, she shat.” He also recalled that Mya Moon previously ate “500 laxative pills.”

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Tom claimed: “Mya very often gets into things. She’s eaten laxatives, pillows, and hair coloring. I know Ariana is very upset at me, but no matter what, it is clearly an accident.”

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Later, speaking with Lala about Tom, Ariana claimed that Tom “was so insanely irresponsible” with Mya and that a scary incident happened to Mya when she was not home and Tom was. Apparently, Tom let the dog into Ariana’s bedroom unsupervised.

“He went into my room, and I had a takeout counter on my nightstand,” Ariana said. “He not only let Mya in there but then shut her in there for hours. So she ate [everything]. I was home for all of 30 seconds before I rushed her to the vet. The bill is $6,000.”

As a result of what she had to consume, Mya had to have an endoscopy.

“There’s no way I can have a conversation with him right now that isn’t me literally slitting his throat right now. Like physically and being arrested,” Ariana further Lala at the time, adding, “This is not the first time he has given zero s—- about the wellbeing of what I consider to be my children.”

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In a trailer for Vanderpump Rules Season 11 released in November 2023, a scene was shown in which Ariana and Tom has out their past and she is heard yelling at him, “Ruin my life, my home and then attempt to kill my f—–g dog. My lawyer will be dealing with you.”

The scene has not aired as of writing this article but it’s unclear if Ariana is accusing Tom of killing Mya, or if perhaps she is referring to another dog they shared together.

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Ariana’s chihuahua, Charlotte York, was also a big part of her and Tom’s relationship

For longtime fans of Ariana you likely remember her chihuahua, Charlotte York, which was a husky-chow mix.

Charlotte passed away in August 2022 at the age of 18. Ariana was believed to have rescued Charlotte when she was one year old in 2005. She had been featured on Vanderpump Rules numerous times and naturally became a big part of Ariana and Tom’s relationship. Charlotte was Ariana’s dog of course, but Tom really seemed to enjoy being a dog dad to her and posted her frequently.

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Ariana shared the news of Charlotte’s passing during an episode of the Earth to Ariana podcast. “On the night of Tuesday, August 2, we had to say goodbye to my soulmate, my kindred spirit, my best friend, my direwolf, my Pokémon, my favorite creature that ever lived, Charlotte York Madix. She crossed the rainbow bridge around 11:30 that evening,” she said.

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Ariana didn’t provide any further details about Charlotte’s death. At the time, many assumed she had passed of old age. But is it possible that Tom somehow contributed to Charlotte’s death? There is no evidence linking Tom to Charlotte’s death, but honestly, after Scandoval, can we really put anything past him?

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Ariana also has a cat.

Mya and Charlotte weren’t the only animals in Ariana’s and Tom’s relationship.

You may have seen glimpses of Ariana’s cat, Kitty, throughout the years on Vanderpump Rules or even on her Instagram.

Ariana was believed to have gotten Kitty before she started dating Tom in 2014. She was believed to have rescued the gray tabby cat from a dumpster, but it’s unclear where. Although, an old photo seems to suggest that the cat came from the Garden State.

In 2017, Ariana posted a selfie with Kitty laying on her chest and wrote: “Started from a parking lot in New Jersey now we here watching movies in cheer shorts in LA.”

Although Kitty is seemingly in her senior years, she appears to be doing well.

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