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Miss Livvy Adoptable Dog

Miss Livvy

Meet Miss Livvy! She is currently enrolled in our P.A.C.K. Program, a 9-week intensive program for routine obedience, agility, and handling training with a prison inmate trainer and she is almost ready to show off her new skills! Livvy loves to love. Once she gets to know you, she’ll weasel her way into your heart & couch if you let her. She loves pets and belly rubs. She does well with other dogs, and best with one on one playgroups. Livvy’s handler has been working very hard on her social skills. She does really good in a kennel. She can often be found snoozing it there or chewing on a bone. When Livvy met the cat, she was curious and wanted to play. Behind a barrier she barked at the cat. With slow introductions and constant supervision, she may be able to live with one. She is the cutest girl looking for the best new home! She will graduate in mid-March. Apply to meet her today!

Buddy Adoptable Dog


Meet Buddy! He is currently enrolled in our P.A.C.K. Program, a 9-week intensive program for routine obedience, agility, and handling training with a prison inmate trainer and he is almost ready to show off his new skills! Buddy has a kind soul. He can be a little fearful when first meeting new people. He just tends to coward away a little if he is fearful of the person. He does tend to do better with females than males. Buddy enjoys playing with the other dogs in the program. He can become vocal when playing though and needs reminders to be gentle and not get overwhelming to the other dogs. When we introduced Buddy to the cats at the adoption center, he was slightly afraid of them. We do not have a history of him living with them, so supervision is recommended. If you are looking for a larger dog that has some basic training already, he may be a good fit. If you’re willing to let her, get to know you first, he will be your lifelong Buddy! Apply to meet him today!

Blitz Adoptable Dog


Blitz is the best boy! This coonhound mix loves to be with people and dogs! He can often be found sitting next to his foster siblings and trying to get the attention of any human around. His foster’s report that he is very well-mannered at home, he lets you know when he needs to go out. It’s the cutest thing, he will put a paw on your knee, and then stand at the back door. Even when he has to go, Blitz is a perfect gentleman. Blitz loves balls and tossing the ball around a few times is enough to keep this guy exercised. If he is left to his own devices without any exercise, Blitz will jump a 4-foot fence. If he has some movement each day, we haven’t found this to be an issue. Our best boy does have a chicken allergy, so it’s important that he be fed a chicken free diet. If his allergies get too bad, they can be treated with a medicated bath. Don’t let those sad hound eyes fool you, Blitz and chicken are not friends. You can apply to meet this boy today!

Newt Adoptable Cat


Newt is a bit of a messy eater. Brought to us as a stray, Newt is very gentle and nice for a cat found wandering around. We waited to see if someone would come claim the sweetest boy, but alas no one has. He is shy and likes to hide most days, but we have a sneaking suspicion that he comes out at night. You see, Newt always manages to have a messy suite in the morning. At the end of the day, we make sure his scratching post, toys and blankets are tidy when we leave. In the morning, chaos! His blanket is scrunched up and toys are in every corner. One day, the scratching post was overturned! If you too are a night owl, that loves that midnight party life, then come meet Newt. He would love to go home to a family that expects nothing from him, or better yet a barn family where he could be put to work. He is nice and will accept pets, he just never seeks them out. Apply to meet him today! He is currently at the Laramie County Jail in our Meow Mates program.

Demeter Adoptable Cat


Demeter is always looking for attention! As soon as we open her kennel she is wanting loves. She was a wonderful mother to 5 beautiful kittens that have all found homes. She seems indifferent when meeting other cats, so maybe with slow introductions and lots of space she’d do ok. She will need a family that understands cats don’t always want to be messed with. She is very sweet, but isn’t afraid to tell you when she’s had enough. She definitely does NOT like dogs. She must go to a home without them. Apply to meet her today or stop by the adoption center to give her some attention!

Carmel Adoptable Cat


Carmel is currently in a foster home and is improving greatly. She spends time outside of her cat tree-hole is coming around to human attention. Carmel is shy and reserved. She eats well and is clearly active at night. You can tell she wants love but is scared to get her guard down. She isn’t mean about it in any way, just tries to get away. Carmel will accept gentle pets and yearly vaccinations but at this time hasn’t shown any indication that she would prefer to spend time with humans. We are hoping this will change! Would you like to give this shy gal a chance, apply for her today!

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