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Cat owners have been given a three-month warning to microchip their pets or they could face a hefty £500 fine.

The charity Cats Matter has announced that from June 10, 2024, it will be against the law for cat owners not to have their pets microchipped. In England alone, there are about three million cats that haven’t been chipped.

The charity estimates that around a quarter of all cats haven’t been microchipped – which is roughly three million. A spokesperson told Gloustershire Live: “Once the new law comes into force, owners found without their cat microchipped will have just 21 days to have one implanted.


“After the 21 days, owners may then face a fine of up to £500. We have done the hard part by getting the law changed. Now it is down to cat owners to make sure this is the success we know it can and will be.

“The process of microchipping involves the quick, simply and painless insertion of a chip, generally around the size of a grain of rice, under the skin. The microchip has a unique serial number that the keeper needs to register on a database.

“When a cat is found, the microchip can be read with a scanner and the registered keeper identified on a database so the pet can quickly be reunited with them.

Cats Matter is backing the new rule because, according to them, microchipping pets is the right thing to do for their well-being. They said: “When a cat is not microchipped, they can be picked up as a stray and end up clogging the rescue system, which is already on it’s knees due to the current cost of living crisis, some shelters with waiting lists full of cats to enter care into the hundreds.

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