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Israel‘s Ministries of Agriculture and Health have issued a stark advisory, urging citizens to refrain from adopting dogs and cats originating from territories under Palestinian Authority rule, including Gaza, as well as from areas along the northern border. The move comes amidst growing concerns over the potential health risks associated with unregulated pet importation.

The introduction of dogs and cats into Israeli territory without proper authorization poses a significant threat of disease transmission, including the spread of rabies, Echinococcus, leishmania, and scabies, among others, warn health officials. The Ministries of Agriculture and Health emphasize the importance of adhering to legal protocols and adopting pets only through regulated channels to mitigate these risks.

In the event of exposure, scratches, or bites from suspicious animals, individuals are advised to promptly cleanse the affected area with soap and water and seek immediate medical attention from the nearest health bureau. Preventive treatment may be necessary to mitigate the potential effects of exposure to infectious diseases.

Highlighting the plight of animals in need, the Ministry of Agriculture underscores the importance of adopting pets from authorized kennels, local authorities, and animal welfare associations. This not only saves animals from distressing conditions but also alleviates overcrowding in kennels, allowing for better care and accommodation of rescued animals.

The Ministries of Agriculture and Health advocate for adopting pets that have undergone comprehensive medical examinations, treatment, and vaccination against prevalent diseases. By prioritizing adoption through regulated associations, individuals can ensure the welfare of both the adopted pet and the broader community.

Amidst ongoing tensions, it is estimated that thousands of dogs have crossed into Israel from Gaza since the onset of the Iron Swords War. While the plight of these animals elicits compassion, authorities stress the importance of prioritizing public health and adhering to established protocols to mitigate potential risks associated with unregulated pet adoption practices.

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