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Pets are one of the greatest joys in life, and the same can be said for Sim pets in The Sims 4. There are tons of activities to do with your pets, from visiting the park to riding around on the robot vacuum. Each moment with them can fulfill your Sim’s Social bar, and they’re some of the best companions in the game.


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Sadly though, just like real pets, cats and dogs don’t last forever in The Sims 4, and the Grim Reaper will eventually come for them. But, with some tricks you can use, your cats and dogs can also cheat death and be brought back to life.

All Ways To Bring A Pet Back To Life

A ghost cat with an orange glow in Sims 4

You can bring any cat or dog back to life by feeding their ghost the Ambrosia Pet Treat. There are two main ways you can obtain the Ambrosia Treat in The Sims 4:

  • Purchase an Ambrosia Treat
  • Make treat out of normal Ambrosia

Both of these ways to make the treat are able to bring a deceased pet back to the realm of the living. The treat comes with no side effects, and works each time you attempt it. However, one method is much easier than the other.

How To Purchase An Ambrosia Treat

Purchasing an Ambrosia Pet Treat from a vending machine

To bring a cat or dog back to life, you can feed their ghost a special Ambrosia Treat. This treat can be purchased from any Dr. Magi-Heals Medical Vend-o-matic that can be found in vet clinics.

Head to the Brindleton Pawspital for an easy spot to get one. The medical vending machine is just inside the entrance of the clinic. From there, click on the vending machine and choose Purchase Pet Items. The Ambrosia Pet Treat is near the top of the list.

The Ambrosia Pet Treat is not cheap, costing 2,500 Simoleons. It’s by far the most expensive of pet treats. However, compared to the work required for normal Ambrosia, paying the money is much easier.

Once you have the treat, you can feed it to any deceased pet’s ghost to bring it back to life. Click on the ghost of the pet, then under Friendly, choose Give Ambrosia Treat. This will revive your Sims’ pet and make them a living cat or dog once again.

You’ll need to wait for your pet’s ghost to appear on the lot to feed them the treat. Often, you have to
wait until the early morning hours
for this while their urn is on the lot. However, if you enable cheats (testingcheats on), you can add their ghost to the household, which summons them immediately.

How To Make A Treat Out Of Ambrosia

A Sim chooses to make Ambrosia into a pet treat

The other method to get your paws on the Ambrosia Pet Treat is to make it out of regular Ambrosia. Making Ambrosia is not easy, as your Sim needs to be level ten in both the Cooking and Gourmet Cooking skills.

Your Sim will also need the following ingredients to make the dish:


How to get Ingredients

1 Angelfish

  • Fish in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, San Myshuno, Newcrest, Brindleton Bay, Sulani, Magic Realm, or Forgotten Grotto

1 Death Flower

  • Purchase Rare Seed Packets (available at level 10 Gardening skill)
  • Graft the flower using a pomegranate and orchid (must be level 5 Gardening skill)

1 Potion of Youth

  • Purchased in the Rewards Store for 1,500 Satisfaction Points

Once you’ve met these requirements, click on any fridge or stove and choose Cook, then from the list choose Ambrosia. Once you’ve made Ambrosia, you’re able to click on the dish and choose Make into Pet Treat. This will give your Sim one Ambrosia Pet Treat.

Just like buying it, you can then wait for your pet’s ghost to appear and choose to feed them the treat to bring them back to life.

Can You Plead With The Grim Reaper For Your Pet?

The Grim Reaper comes to reap a cat in Sims 4

Since you can have Sims who are close to each other plead for each other’s lives, you may wonder if you can do the same for your pets. Sadly, no matter how close they are Sims cannot plead for their pets with the Grim Reaper.

When the Grim Reaper arrives to take your cat or dog, you won’t be able to click on them and choose to plead for life. If you want your Sim’s beloved pet back, you’ll need to wait for their ghost and give them the Ambrosia Treat.

If you want to avoid having your pets die at all, you can turn off pet aging in the game options. Open up the options, then under the
tab, you can uncheck the
Animal Aging
box. This will disable aging for your pets, but not your Sims. Barring an illness, your cats and dogs will live forever with this setting.

A Sim can become incredibly depressed when their pet passes on, just like they would with another human. Bringing a pet back to life is a relatively simple process, so feel free to take advantage of it.


The Sims 4: How To Bring A Sim Back To Life

Learn the many ways to bring your Sims back to life in The Sims 4!

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