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KATIE Price cuddled up with her designer cat as fans called for her to be banned from owning pets.

Back in January, the former glamour model got her £1.2k new fury friend, just months after rescuing a black Labrador puppy.

Katie Price cuddled up to her new cat in a new postCredit: Instagram
Katie is a huge animal lover and has owned many pets in the pastCredit: Instagram

But shortly after getting her new cat, she gave away her puppy Tank because the pooch “doesn’t look cute on Instagram” anymore.

In the new snap Katie closed her eyes as she held her sphynx cat tight in her arms.

Katie shared the picture with her 2.6m followers on Instagram.

She captioned the post: “Cuddles ❤️.”

But some shared their worry in the comments section with one writing: “I thought she was banned from owning animals.”

Another wrote: “Please look after this one and don’t let it die xxx.”

Over the years Katie has owned a number of animals – and many have ended up dying in her care.

Peta’s proposition

Earlier this month animal, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), offered her £5,000 in exchange for signing a legally binding agreement that means she won’t own another animal.

The letter said: “While your intentions may be good, the ever-growing number of animals who have either died under your supervision or been given away is impossible to ignore, and people are rightly concerned.”

The PETA vice president Elisa Allen added: “Whatever you may offer as reasons for their suffering, relinquishment, or demise, the fact is that you are consistently harming these sensitive, sentient individuals, and I hope you agree that this is a solution.”

The letter added that her acceptance would be applauded by fans and send a strong message about the important of animal welfare.

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That’s not the only organisation that’s tried to stop Katie owning animals.

Petition to stop her owning animals

A petition was started on a website called

It has called on charities RSPCA and PETA to stop the reality star from owning any more pets – and currently over 36,000 people have signed it.

The description of the four-year-old petition reads: “In the last 5 years more animals have died from lack of care. Horses. dogs.cats lizards hedgehogs. This isn’t a single family tragedy.

“It’s a common thing in  Katie price home. 2 dogs have been ran over … A horse was run over on a motorway. Animals just go missing in her home never to been seen again.

“She jokes about her mucky mansion. But it ain’t a joke that animals are dying from her lack of care.”

Katie’s troubled pet history

HERE we take a look at Katie’s past form with pets

November 2017

One of Katie’s horses was killed on the A24 after it broke lose from its field. She announced the death on social media and said she was devastated.

February 2018

Katie’s dog Queenie was hit by a car near her home, with the former model blaming a delivery driver for leaving the gate open.

November 2018

Katie claimed the family’s pet chameleon, called Marvin, died from a broken heart after her children Junior and Princess moved in with her ex husband Peter Andre. 

February 2020

Her Alsatian Sparkle lost her life after getting lose and being hit by a car. Katie posted the news on social media but was hammered by fans who called for her to be more careful.

July 2020

Fans rounded on Katie after her daughter Princess’s puppy Rolo suffocated. JRC Bullies who gifted the dog to Katie were furious and said: “We are heartbroken that this has happened as we told Katie not to leave a small puppy on its own. “We can’t believe that the puppy was left unattended as we had left strict instructions.”

November 2022

Katie came under fire after she revealed her pomeranian Sharon had been hit by a car and killed outside her Horsham home.June 2023

Katie was slammed by PETA after her seventh pet was killed. She revealed her dog blade had been run over on the same stretch as road as her last dog Sharon.

Katie’s previous pet tragedies

Katie has lost seven animals in her care.

In June 2023 her protection dog Blade was killed after being hit by a car.

The same year her pooch Sharon was run down on the same road.

A driver picked the Pomeranian off the A24 and took her to Arun Vets in Pulborough, West Sussex, who confirmed the death.

Back in 2020 her Alsatian, Sparkle, was hit by a car after escaping onto the A24, and months later her French Bulldog Rolo died after he was suffocated.

Katie also had to give away an out-of-control Alsatian, Bear, for attacking other animals.

In 2018 her dog Queenie was also killed in a hit and run accident.

A number of horses and a Chameleon called Marvin have also died in her care.

Blade died last yearCredit: Instagram

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