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 CNN — Several dog owners in Las Vegas are accusing a groomer of mistreating their pets.

Makisha Davis is one of the people claiming her dog, Tuffy, was injured while being groomed at Lucky’s Pet Grooming and Boutique.

“Now I just imagine, like what could have happened to my dog. I’m thinking they slammed her on her back or they tried to force her to sit down. They did something to her,” Davis said.

Tuffy, a 4-year-old maltese yorkie mix, had been a client at the grooming salon for years, but in December, Davis claims her dog was paralyzed while at the shop.

“What did you guys do to my dog?,” Davis asked the owner in a video she filmed at the salon.

“I’m looking at her legs and her legs are straight, not a bend to them at all,” Davis said.

After questioning the staff, Davis said she didn’t get any direct answers.

“The lady says you gave her to us like this and I’m like no, I didn’t. I did not give my dog to you like this,” Davis said.

A visit to the veterinarian determined 4-year-old Tuffy had a ruptured disk in her back. Davis said the veterinarian told her surgery would cost upwards of $10,000.

“I had to make the decision to put her down,” Davis said.

‘A lack of evidence’

Davis reported the incident to animal control, but was told there was nothing that could be done because of a lack of evidence.

A Las Vegas television station contacted animal control for the City of Las Vegas and received this response regarding the incident:

“Animal Protection Services was contacted after the owner chose to have the animal humanely euthanized by their veterinarian. The animal was given to the groomer by the owner without the animal stepping foot on the floor. Animal Protection Services investigators cannot determine at this time whether the animal could utilize their hind legs upon arriving at the grooming facility. At this time, there is no evidence to substantiate beyond a reasonable doubt that the animal was injured at the grooming facility.”

Other clients of Lucky’s Pet Grooming and Boutique, claim they had similar experiences with their pets being injured at the shop.

“If I would’ve got justice the day that I asked for justice, there wouldn’t be no second, third, fourth victim cause there’s more victims than just my dog,” said Margarita Bicana.

Bicana says her dog, Turbina, entered the facility in perfect health, but walked out with a fractured lower jaw .

A search on Google shows the once highly-rated shop is now overwhelmed with 1-star reviews. Several owners shared pictures, videos, and comments of what happened to their dogs.

“It is just practiced behavior that they get away with,” Davis said.

Spread awareness

Davis blames herself for not realizing something was wrong sooner and plans to take action and spread awareness, in hopes that no other pet or pet owner will have to experience what she’s gone through.

“There will be consequences and when the consequences come, they’ll know exactly what it is,” Davis said.

The television station spoke with the owner of Lucky’s Pet Grooming and Boutique. She decided to not go on camera but says the allegations are not true.

The station also followed up with animal control and inquired about previous investigations. The City of Las Vegas is looking into the request.


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